Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Preliminary
           Division 1--Introduction
   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Act binds all persons
           Division 2--Object of Act and guiding principles
   4.      Object
   5.      Guiding principles
           Division 3--Interpretation
   6.      Definitions
   7.      Meaning of whole-of-government strategic plan
           Part 2--Queensland Mental Health Commission
           Division 1--Establishment
   8.      Establishment of Mental Health Commission
   9.      Commission represents the State
   10.     Application of other Acts
           Division 2--Functions and powers
   11.     Commission's functions
   12.     Commission's powers
   13.     Ministerial direction
           Division 3--Membership of the commission
   14.     Membership of commission
           Division 4--Staff of the commission
           Subdivision 1--Commissioner
   15.     Commissioner
   16.     Restriction on appointment
   17.     Commissioner employed under this Act
   18.     Term of office
   19.     Functions and powers of commissioner
   20.     Conditions of appointment
   21.     Vacancy in office of commissioner
   22.     Preservation of rights of commissioner
   23.     Acting commissioner
           Subdivision 2--Staff
   24.     Commission staff
           Part 3--Whole-of-government strategic plan and reporting by commission
   25.     Commission to develop whole-of-government strategic plan
   26.     Commission to facilitate implementation of, and report on, whole-of-government strategic plan
   27.     Commission to review whole-of-government strategic plan
   28.     Commission must prepare special report if directed by the Minister
   29.     Commission may prepare ordinary reports
   30.     Ordinary report must be given to Minister
   31.     When commission must give copy of ordinary report to agency
   32.     Agency must respond to commission's recommendation
   33.     Details of reports to be included in annual report
           Part 4--Cooperation between commission and public sector and publicly-funded agencies
   34.     Cooperation between commission and relevant agencies
   35.     Regard to be had to whole-of-government strategic plan when negotiating service agreements
   36.     Provision of information by public sector unit to commission
           Part 5--Queensland Mental Health and Drug Advisory Council
           Division 1--Establishment and functions
   37.     Establishment of Queensland Mental Health and Drug Advisory Council
   38.     Functions of council
           Division 2--Membership
   39.     Membership
   40.     Chairperson and deputy chairperson of council
   41.     Vacancy in office of member
           Division 3--Conduct of business by council
   42.     Conduct of business by council
   43.     Quorum
   44.     Presiding at meetings
   45.     Conduct of meetings
   46.     Minutes
   47.     Committees
           Part 6--Cooperation between commission and council
   48.     Commission must support council
   49.     Consultation on reports and whole-of-government strategic plan
   50.     Commission must respond to council's recommendation
   51.     Details of recommendations to be included in annual report
           Part 7--Miscellaneous
   52.     Delegations
   53.     Protecting officials from liability
   54.     Commission's guidelines
   55.     Review of commission
   56.     Review of Act
   57.     Regulation-making power
           Part 8--Amendment of this Act
   58.     Act amended
   59.     Amendment of long title
           Part 9--Amendment of Mental Health Act 2000
   60.     Act amended
   61.     Amendment of s 131 (What treatment plan must state for limited community treatment)
   62.     New ss 131A and 131B
           63. Amendment of s 191 (Decisions on review)
   64.     Amendment of s 203 (Decisions on review)
   65.     Amendment of s 204 (Restrictions on review decisions)
   66.     Amendment of s 437 (Jurisdiction)
           67. Amendment of s 447 (Members constituting tribunal for hearings)
   68.     Amendment of s 448 (When tribunal may be constituted by less than 3 members)
   69.     Insertion of new s 454A
           70. Amendment of s 489 (Functions)
           71. Amendment of s 491 (Independence of director)
   72.     Amendment of s 492 (Delegation)
           73. Insertion of new ch 13, pt 1, div 1A
   74.     Amendment of s 508 (Taking patient to authorised mental health service)
   75.     Amendment of s 526 (Publication of information disclosing identity of parties to proceedings)
   76.     Amendment of s 536 (Protection of officials from liability)
   77.     Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)
           Part 10--Amendment of Public Service Act 2008
   78.     Act amended
   79.     Amendment of sch 1 (Public service offices and their heads)

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