Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Preliminary
   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Dictionary
   4.      References to functions
           Part 2--TAFE Queensland
           Division 1--Establishment
   5.      Establishment and status
   6.      TAFE Queensland represents the State
   7.      Application of other Acts
           Division 2--Functions and powers
   8.      Functions
   9.      Key objective
   10.     Powers
   11.     Extraterritoriality
           Division 3--Board
           Subdivision 1--Establishment and functions
   12.     Establishment
   13.     Functions
           Subdivision 2--Membership
   14.     Eligibility for appointment
   15.     Conditions of appointment
   16.     Term of appointment
   17.     Chairperson
   18.     Deputy chairperson
           Subdivision 3--Other provisions about board
   19.     Disqualification from membership
   20.     Resignation
   21.     Leave of absence
   22.     Disclosure of interests
   23.     Duty to act in TAFE Queensland's interest
           Division 4--Chief executive officer
   24.     Appointment
   25.     Conditions of appointment
   26.     Responsibilities
   27.     Appointment of acting chief executive officer
   28.     Resignation
           Division 5--Other staff
   29.     Other staff
   30.     Work performance arrangements
   31.     Interchange arrangements
   32.     Preservation of rights of public service employee appointed to TAFE Queensland
   33.     Preservation of rights of TAFE Queensland employee appointed to public service
           Division 6--Criminal history
   34.     Report about person's criminal history
   35.     Criminal history is confidential document
   36.     Requirement to disclose changes in criminal history
           Part 3--Planning and accountability
           Division 1--Operational plans
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary
   37.     Definition for div 1
   38.     Purpose of div 1
           Subdivision 2--Making plan
   39.     Preparation of draft plan
   40.     Content of plan
   41.     When plan has effect
   42.     Plan pending agreement
           Subdivision 3--Compliance and other matters
   43.     Requirement to comply
   44.     Amendment of plan
   45.     Relationship with FA Act plan
           Division 2--Powers of Minister
   46.     Minister may require information
   47.     Minister may give direction in public interest
   48.     Notice of concern about financial viability
           Part 4--Restructuring TAFE
   49.     Relevant TAFE entities
   50.     Transfer of assets, liabilities etc. to relevant TAFE entity
   51.     Ministerial direction
   52.     Registering authority to register or record transfer or other dealing
   53.     Regulation dissolving statutory TAFE institute
   54.     References in documents after dissolution
   55.     Rights of transferred employees etc.
   56.     Things done under this part
   57.     Effect on legal relationships
           Part 5--Miscellaneous provisions
           Division 1--TAFE brand
   58.     Use of protected terms
   59.     Injunction to prevent or restrain a contravention
           Division 2--Delegations
   60.     Delegation by TAFE Queensland
   61.     Delegation by chief executive officer
   62.     Delegation by Minister
           Division 3--Other matters
   63.     Crime and Misconduct Act 2001
   64.     Annual report
   65.     Protection from liability
   66.     Protection of confidentiality
   67.     Regulation-making power
           Part 6--Transitional provisions for TAFE Queensland Act 2013
   68.     Appointment of TAFE Queensland's first chief executive officer
   69.     TAFE Queensland's first operational plan
           Part 7--Acts amended
   70.     Acts amended in sch 1
           Part 1--Amendment of this Act
           Part 2--Amendment of other Acts

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