Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Preliminary
   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
           Part 2--Amendment of Vegetation Management Act 1999
   3.      Act amended
   4.      Amendment of s 3 (Purpose of Act)
   5.      Amendment of s 11 (Minister must make regional vegetation management codes)
   6.      Amendment of s 16 (Preparing declaration)
   7.      Amendment of pt 2, div 4 hdg (Declaration of areas of high nature conservation value and areas vulnerable to land degradation)
   8.      Amendment of s 17 (Making declaration)
   9.      Omission of s 19D (Application of ss 19A–19C to wild rivers code)
   11.     Replacement of pt 2, divs 4B and 4C
   12.     Replacement of ss 20A–20AB
           13. Amendment of s 20AC (What is the essential habitat map)
   14.     Omission of ss 20AD to 20AG
           15. Amendment of s 20AH (Deciding to show particular areas as remnant vegetation)
   16.     Amendment of s 20AI (Deciding to show particular areas as high value regrowth vegetation)
   17.     Replacement of s 20AJ (Application to make PMAV before amending particular vegetation management maps)
   18.     Omission of pt 2, div 5A, hdg (Property map of assessable vegetation)
   19.     Amendment of s 20AK (What is a property map of assessable vegetation (or PMAV))
   20.     Insertion of new s 20AKA
           21. Amendment of s 20AL (What is a category A area)
   22.     Replacement of s 20AM (What is a category B area)
   23.     Replacement of s 20AN (What is a category C area)
   24.     Insertion of new s 20ANA
           25. Amendment of s 20AO (What is a category X area)
   26.     Amendment of s 20B (When chief executive may make PMAV)
   27.     Amendment of s 20CA (Process before making PMAV)
   28.     Amendment of s 20D (When PMAV may be replaced)
   29.     Omission of s 20E (When PMAV may be revoked)
   30.     Omission of s 20G (Owners to be advised of revocation of PMAV)
   31.     Replacement of s 20H (Inconsistency between PMAV and particular vegetation management maps)
   32.     Insertion of new ss 20HA to 20HC
           33. Amendment of s 20J (What is an area management plan)
   34.     Amendment of s 20M (Application for approval of draft plan or accreditation of planning document)
   35.     Amendment of s 20P (Criteria for approving draft plan or accrediting planning document)
   36.     Amendment of s 20Q (Mandatory condition on approval of draft plan or accreditation of planning document)
   37.     Amendment of s 20R (Imposing additional condition on approval of draft plan)
   38.     Insertion of new pt 2, div 5B, sdiv 2A
   39.     Replacement of s 20V (Register of area management plans)
   40.     Omission of pt 2, div 5B, sdiv 4 (Notifying clearing under plans)
   41.     Amendment of s 20Z (When an area management plan ends)
   42.     Amendment of pt, 2, div 5B, sdiv 6 hdg (Amending plans)
   43.     Replacement of s 20ZA (Definition for sdiv 6)
   44.     Amendment of s 20ZB (Amendment by chief executive)
   45.     Amendment of s 20ZC (Amendment application for particular plans)
   46.     Amendment of s 22A (Particular vegetation clearing applications may be assessed)
   47.     Insertion of new pt 2, div 6, sdiv 1A
   48.     Amendment of s 22DA (Requirement for property vegetation management plan)
   49.     Amendment of s 22DC (Refusal of particular concurrence agency application)
   50.     Amendment of s 22DF (Clearing vegetation on adjoining lot for firebreaks and fire management lines)
   51.     Amendment of s 30 (Power to enter places)
   52.     Amendment of s 51 (Power to require information)
   53.     Amendment of s 53 (Failure to certify copy of document)
   54.     Amendment of s 54 (Failure to produce document)
   55.     Omission of s 60B (Guide for deciding penalty for vegetation clearing offence)
   56.     Omission of s 67A and pt 4, div 2A
   57.     Replacement of s 68CA (Definitions for div 4)
   58.     Replacement of s 68CB (Non-application of Judicial Review Act 1991)
   59.     Omission of s 68CC (No appeals about relevant vegetation maps and particular PMAV applications)
   60.     Amendment of s 70AA (Copies of vegetation management maps and PMAVs to be available for inspection and purchase)
   61.     Amendment of s 70A (Application of development approvals and exemptions for Forestry Act)
   62.     Amendment of s 70B (Record of particular matters in land registry)
   63.     Amendment of s 72 (Regulation-making power)
   64.     Insertion of new pt 6, div 9
   65.     Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)
           Part 3--Amendment of Land Act 1994
   66.     Act amended
   67.     Amendment of s 234 (When lease may be forfeited)
   68.     Omission of ch 5, pt 4, div 3 (Forfeiture of leases on conviction)
   69.     Amendment of sch 2 (Original decisions)
   70.     Amendment of sch 6 (Dictionary)
   71.     Insertion of new ch 9, pt 1L
           Part 3A--Amendment of Nature Conservation Act 1992
   71A.    Act amended
   71B.    Insertion of new s 173S
           Part 4--Amendment of Sustainable Planning Act 2009
   72.     Act Amended
   73.     Amendment of sch 3 (Dictionary)
           Part 5--Amendment of Wild Rivers Act 2005
   74.     Act amended
   75.     Amendment of s 10 (Application of moratorium)
   76.     Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)

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