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157 Duties of body corporate about common property--Act, s 152 [SM, s 159]

(1) The body corporate must maintain common property in good condition, including, to the extent that common property is structural in nature, in a structurally sound condition.

For utility infrastructure included in the common property, see section 20 of the Act (Utility infrastructure as common property).

(2) To the extent that lots included in the community titles scheme are created under a building format plan of subdivision, the body corporate must--

(a) maintain in good condition--
(i) railings, parapets and balustrades on (whether precisely, or for all practical purposes) the boundary of a lot and common property; and
(ii) doors, windows and associated fittings situated in a boundary wall separating a lot from common property; and
(iii) roofing membranes that are not common property but that provide protection for lots or common property; and
(b) maintain the following elements of scheme land that are not common property in a structurally sound condition--
(i) foundation structures;
(ii) roofing structures providing protection;
(iii) essential supporting framework, including load-bearing walls.

(3) Despite anything in subsections (1) and (2)--

(a) the body corporate is not responsible for maintaining fixtures or fittings installed by the occupier of a lot if they were installed for the occupier's own benefit; and
(b) the owner of the lot is responsible for maintaining utility infrastructure, including utility infrastructure situated on common property, in good order and condition, to the extent that the utility infrastructure--
(i) relates only to supplying utility services to the owner's lot; and
(ii) is 1 of the following types--
• hot-water systems
• washing machines
• clothes dryers
• another device providing a utility service to a lot; and
Examples for paragraph (b)--
1 An air conditioning plant is installed on the common property, but relates only to supplying utility services to a particular lot. The owner of the lot would be responsible for maintaining the air conditioning equipment.
2 A hot-water system is installed on the common property, but supplies water only to a particular lot. The owner of the lot would be responsible for maintaining the hot-water system and the associated pipes and wiring.
(c) the owner of the lot is responsible for maintaining the tray of a shower that services the lot, whether or not the tray forms part of the lot.

(4) To avoid any doubt, it is declared that, despite an obligation the body corporate may have under subsection (2) to maintain a part of a lot in good condition or in a structurally sound condition, the body corporate may recover the prescribed costs, as a debt, from a person (whether or not the owner of the lot) whose actions cause or contribute to damage or deterioration of the part of the lot.

(5) In this section--

prescribed costs means the proportion of the reasonable cost to the body corporate of carrying out the maintenance that can, in the body corporate's reasonable opinion, be fairly attributed to the person's actions.

utility infrastructure does not include utility infrastructure that--

(a) is a device for measuring the reticulation or supply of water for a community titles scheme established after 1 January 2008; and
(b) is installed after 1 January 2008, in relation to a compliance request made under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 after 31 December 2007.

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