Queensland Subordinate Legislation as Made

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210 Particulars to be contained in register--Act, s 73

(1) For section 73(2) of the Act, the register must contain the following particulars about each authority issued by the chief executive--

(a) the type, category and number of the authority;
(b) the fishery symbols, if any, written on the authority;
(c) the authority holder's full name;
(d) the holder's postal address;
(e) other relevant particulars about each boat identified in the authority;
(f) third party interests in the authority, if any, notified to the chief executive;
(g) for all quota authorities of the same type held by the same person--
(i) the person's name; and
(ii) the number of authorities held by the person; and
(iii) if conditions have been imposed on any of the authorities--the conditions; and
(iv) if any of the authorities are suspended--the number of the authorities and the period of the suspension;
(h) for an 'M2' licence under the East Coast Trawl Plan--
(i) the boat mark for the boat identified in the licence; and
(ii) the boat's hull units, beam, depth and length worked out under that plan; and
(iii) the boat's main engine power in maximum continuous brake kW;
(i) if the authority holder is required under this regulation or a management plan to install VMS equipment on a boat identified in the authority--
(i) a description of the VMS equipment installed on the boat; and
(ii) the name and address of the person who installed the equipment.

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