Queensland Subordinate Legislation as Made

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486 Use of set mesh nets in offshore waters

(1) A set mesh net may be used in offshore waters only if the net is no longer than 600m and has a mesh size of at least 150mm but no more than 245mm.

(2) 2 set mesh nets may be joined and used as 1 net in waters deeper than 20m north of Cape Moreton if the combined length of the nets is no more than 1200m.

(3) A set mesh net must not be used in waters north of Cape Flattery from midday 1 November to midday 1 February.

(4) A person using a set mesh net is not required to be within 100m of it.

(5) A set mesh net must not be used in the fishery area of an ocean beach fishery from 1 April to 31 August.

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