Queensland Subordinate Legislation as Made

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   1.      Short title
   2.      Definitions
   3.      Election of ordinary members of community forums
   4.      Qualifications for ordinary members of community forums
   5.      Further special provisions about Saibai community forum
   6.      Termination of indigenous regional council employment on becoming ordinary member of community forum
           Part 1--General
   266.    Quadrennial elections
   267.    Types of elections
   268.    Elections to be held on a Saturday
   269.    Date of community forum elections
   270.    Date of by-elections
   271.    Indigenous regional council responsible for expenditure for conducting elections
           Part 2--Returning officers
   272.    Chief executive officer is returning officer
   273.    Appointment of returning officer in place of the chief executive officer
   274.    Returning officer's duty for by-election
           Part 3--Voters roll
   275.    Returning officer must compile voters roll
   276.    Qualification for enrolment on voters roll
   277.    Cut off day for voters roll
   278.    Use of electoral roll when practicable
   279.    Requirements of voters roll
   280.    Voters roll to be open to inspection and purchase
   281.    Electoral registrars to help returning officers
           Part 4--Voting
   282.    Voting not compulsory
   283.    System of voting
           Part 5--(omitted)
           Part 6--Conduct of elections
           Division 1--Preliminary
   289.    Conduct of elections
           Division 2--Electoral officers
   290.    Returning officer
   291.    Assistant returning officers
   292.    Presiding officers
   293.    Issuing officers
   294.    Declaration by issuing officers
   295.    Returning officer may act through other officers
   296.    Assistant returning officer may act through certain authorised officers
   297.    Supply and use of voters rolls
           Division 3--Candidates for election or appointment
   298.    Qualification for nomination
   299.    Prohibition of dual candidature
   300.    Leave to local government employee to contest election
           Division 4--Nominations of candidates for election
   301.    Calling for nominations
   302.    Who may nominate
   303.    How and when nomination is given
   304.    Deposit to accompany nomination
   305.    Special grounds for deciding a person is not properly nominated
   306.    Certificate of returning officer
   307.    Display of nominations
   308.    Termination of candidature before noon on nomination day
   309.    Death of candidate
   310.    Procedure if number of candidates not more than number required
   311.    Procedure if number of candidates exceeds number required
   312.    Supply of voters roll
   313.    Procedure on death of candidate when poll to be conducted
   314.    Disposal of deposits generally
   315.    If successful candidate dies
   316.    Extension of times
   316A.   Special provision about refunding deposits
           Division 5--Ballots
   317.    Poll by ballot
   318.    Direction that poll be conducted by postal ballot
           Division 6--Polling booths
   319.    Polling booths—general
   320.    Provision of ordinary polling booths
   321.    Declaration of mobile polling booths
   322.    Duty of person in charge of institution
   323.    Privacy of voting
           Division 7--Ballot boxes, papers and other documents
   324.    Ballot boxes generally
   325.    Requirements of ballot papers
   326.    Separate ballot papers for separate polls
   327.    Order of listing of candidates' names
   328.    Distribution of ballot papers
   329.    Correction of errors etc.
           Division 8--Scrutineers
   330.    Candidates' entitlement to scrutineers
   331.    Appointment of scrutineers
   332.    Proof of identification
   333.    Powers of scrutineers
           Division 9--Voting generally
   334.    Who may vote
   335.    When votes may be cast at an ordinary polling booth or mobile polling booth
   336.    Procedure for voting at a polling booth
   337.    Duties of issuing officer for returned papers
   338.    Arrangements for electors with disability
   339.    Arrangements for electors at institutions
   340.    Arrangements for electoral visitor voting
   341.    Help for electors in voting
   342.    Adjournment of poll
           Division 10--Declaration voting
   343.    Who may cast a declaration vote
   344.    Who must cast a declaration vote in ordinary elections
   345.    Declaration voting for postal ballot elections
   346.    How declaration vote is cast
   346A.   Distribution of ballot papers to certain electors who may cast declaration vote
   347.    Distribution of ballot papers to other electors who may or must cast declaration vote
   348.    How declaration vote may be cast at a polling booth
   349.    Distribution of ballot papers to electors for postal ballot election
   350.    Record of ballot papers given to postal voters
   351.    Casting a declaration vote by post
   352.    Declaration voting before polling day
   353.    Distribution of declaration envelopes when separate ballot papers or polls on same day
           Division 11--Marking of ballot papers
   354.    Optional-preferential voting
   355.    First-past-the-post voting
           Division 12--Replacement ballot papers
   356.    Use of replacement ballot papers
           Division 13--Effect of ballot papers
   357.    Effect of ballot papers—optional-preferential voting
   358.    Effect of ballot papers—first-past-the-post voting
   359.    Posted vote presumed valid until contrary proved
   360.    Formal and informal ballot papers
   361.    Ballot paper partly formal and partly informal
           Division 14--Counting of votes
   362.    Votes to be counted in accordance with this division
   363.    Preliminary counting by presiding officer
   363A.   Preliminary processing of declaration votes by returning officer—postal ballot election
   364.    Preliminary processing of declaration votes by returning officer—other elections
   365.    Procedure for processing declaration envelopes
   366.    Official counting of votes
   367.    Treatment of ballot paper to which objection is made
   368.    Counting of votes for optional-preferential system
   369.    Counting of votes for first-past-the-post system
   370.    Returning officer's duty after counting votes
           Division 15--Actions following poll
   371.    Declaration of poll
   372.    Notice of final result of poll
   373.    Resolution about electors who fail to vote
   374.    List of electors failing to vote
   375.    Notice of failure to vote etc.
   376.    Payments for failure to vote
   377.    Recording response to notice
   378.    Evidentiary value of list under s 374
   379.    Disposal of material resulting from election
   380.    Ballot papers as evidence
   381.    Notice to electors whose ballot papers are not accepted
   382.    Notice to electoral commission of certain declaration votes
           Division 16--Enforcement
           Subdivision 1--Offences in general
   383.    False or misleading information
   385.    Bribery
   386.    Providing money for illegal payments
   387.    Improperly influencing electoral officers
   388.    Interfering with election right or duty
   389.    Forging or uttering electoral papers
   390.    Wilful neglect etc. of electoral officers
   391.    No record to be made of vote cast
           Subdivision 2--Offences about electoral advertising and information
   392.    Responsibility for election matter
   392A.   Distribution of how-to-vote cards
   392B.   Lodging of how-to-vote cards
   393.    Headline to electoral advertisements
   394.    Misleading voters
           Subdivision 3--Offences about voting
   395.    Failure to vote
   396.    Leave to vote
   397.    Canvassing in or near polling booths
   398.    Interrupting voting etc.
   399.    Influencing voting
   400.    Party badges not to be worn in polling booths
   401.    Voting if not entitled
   402.    Offences relating to ballot papers
   403.    Failure to deliver or post documents for someone else
   404.    Breach of confidentiality of vote
   405.    Breaking seals on parcels
   406.    Duty of witness to signing of declaration voting papers
           Subdivision 4--(omitted)
           Part 7--(omitted)
           Part 8--(omitted)
           Part 9--(omitted)

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