Queensland Subordinate Legislation as Made

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5 Insertion of new pt 2, div 2, sdiv 2

Part 2, division 2, after section 13B--


'This subdivision states a process for section 201(2) of the Act.

'This subdivision applies to the relevant interim water allocation mentioned in the Act, section 201(1).

'(1) The chief executive may nominate a day (the nominated day) for expiry of the relevant interim water allocation and the grant of new allocations to eligible entities to replace the expired relevant interim water allocation (the proposed action).

'(2) The chief executive must, at least 25 days before the nominated day, give a notice about the proposed action to--

(a) the holder of the relevant licence; and
(b) each eligible entity.

'(3) The notice must state the following--

(a) the day the notice is given;
(b) the nominated day;
(c) details of the proposed action, including particulars of each eligible entity and the new allocations;
(d) that the holder of the relevant licence or eligible entity may make written submissions to the chief executive about the proposed action--
(i) at an address stated in the notice; and
(ii) within a stated period of at least 20 days.

'(4) On the nominated day--

(a) the relevant interim water allocation expires; and
(b) the new allocations are granted.

'(5) Within 30 business days after the nominated day, the chief executive must give--

(a) the holder of the relevant licence and each eligible entity a notice about the matters in subsection (4); and
(b) each eligible entity a new allocation in the approved form.

'(6) A new allocation granted under this section takes effect from the nominated day.

'(7) The supply arrangement for the relevant interim water allocation applies to each new allocation.

'(8) In this section--

eligible entity means each of the following--

(a) Mount Isa City Council;
(b) Mount Isa Mines Limited;
(c) Mount Isa Water Board.

new allocations means the new allocations under section 201(2)(b) of the Act that are--

(a) for Mount Isa City Council to take 7900ML; and
(b) for Mount Isa Mines Limited to take 8850ML; and
(c) for Mount Isa Water Board to take 5000ML.

relevant licence means the interim resource operations licence for the Julius Dam water supply scheme.'.

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