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40S—Power to inspect premises

        (1)         This section applies to the following premises:

            (a)         premises at or from which a responsible person carries on business, or that are occupied by a responsible person in connection with such a business, or that are a registered office of a responsible person;

            (b)         the garage address of a vehicle;

            (c)         premises where records required to be kept under an Australian road law are located or are required to be located.

        (2)         An authorised officer may inspect the premises for compliance purposes.

        (3)         The officer may enter the premises for the purpose of conducting the inspection.

        (4)         Without limiting the above, the officer may inspect, or enter and inspect, any vehicle at the premises.

        (5)         The inspection may be made—

            (a)         at any time with the consent of the occupier or other person apparently in charge of the premises; or

            (b)         if a business is carried on at the premises—at any time during the usual business operating hours applicable at the premises (whether or not the premises are actually being used for that purpose), and without consent.

        (6)         This section does not authorise, without consent, the entry or inspection of—

            (a)         premises that are apparently unattended, unless the officer believes on reasonable grounds that the premises are not unattended; or

            (b)         premises that are, or any part of premises that is, used predominantly for residential purposes.

        (7)         Without limiting the above, the power to inspect premises under this section includes any or all of the following:

            (a)         the power to inspect and take copies of or extracts from any records located at the premises and required to be kept under an Australian road law;

            (b)         the power to check the existence of and inspect any devices (including weighing, measuring, recording or monitoring devices) required to be installed, used or maintained under an Australian road law, and to inspect and take copies of or extracts from any readout or other data obtained from any such device;

            (c)         the power to exercise with respect to a vehicle located at the premises any powers that may be exercised during an inspection of a vehicle under section 40Q(5);

            (d)         the power to use photocopying equipment on the premises free of charge for the purpose of copying any records or other material.

        (8)         This section does not authorise the use of force, but the officer may under this section do any or all of the following:

            (a)         open unlocked doors and other unlocked panels and objects;

            (b)         inspect anything that has been opened or otherwise accessed under the power to use reasonable force in the exercise of a power to enter or move a vehicle under Subdivision 3;

            (c)         move but not take away anything that is not locked up or sealed.

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