South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Gaming Machines Act 1992


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Prescribed gaming machine components
   5.      Prescribed duties

   PART 2--Approved trading system (section 27B of Act)

   6.      Interpretation
   7.      Establishment of trading round
   8.      Offer to sell entitlement in trading round
   9.      Offer to purchase entitlement in trading round
   10.     Commissioner may reject offer or cancel trading round
   11.     Determination of offers and prices in trading round
   12.     Outcome of trading round
   13.     Default by purchaser of entitlement in trading round
   14.     Closure of trading round
   15.     Remainder of entitlements sold by non-profit associations to be taken into account in future trading rounds

   PART 3--Other provisions

   16.     Statutory objective
   17.     Duty to wear identification cards
   18.     Certain tasks must not be delegated
   19.     Minister may grant exemptions
   20.     Exemption of certain private owners of gaming machines
   20A.    Exemption for gaming machines located on ocean going passenger vessels
   21.     Indemnity must be lodged with certain applications
   23.     Approval of gaming machines and games
   23A.    Approval of facial recognition system--prescribed requirements
   24.     Prescribed jurisdiction (section 42 of Act)
   25.     Commissioner may exempt licensee from cash facilities limitations
   26.     Requirement for pre-commitment system
   27.     Operation of gaming machine by insertion of a ticket--prescribed requirements
   27A.    Unclaimed winnings--prescribed amount
   28.     Operation of facial recognition system--prescribed requirements
   29.     Notice of application
           SCHEDULE 3--Voluntary Pre-commitment Code
           SCHEDULE 4--Transitional regulations
           Legislative history

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