South Australian Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Purpose and objects of Act
   4.      Application of Act in relation to gambling Acts
   5.      Interpretation

   PART 2--The Commissioner Division 1--Functions and powers of Commissioner

   6.      Functions of Commissioner
   7.      Inquiries by Commissioner
   8.      General power to obtain information
   9.      Powers to make interim or conditional decisions and accept undertakings from parties
   10.     Commissioner may give directions Division 2--Proceedings before Commissioner
   11.     Conduct of proceedings
   12.     Powers of Commissioner
   13.     Representation before Commissioner
   14.     Power of Commissioner to refer questions to Court Division 3--Codes of practice
   15.     Codes of practice
   16.     Offence of breach of mandatory provisions of codes Division 4--Gambling administration guidelines
   17.     Gambling administration guidelines Division 5--Delegation
   18.     Delegation

   PART 3--Disclosure of information

   19.     Disclosure of information
   20.     Disclosure of statistical information about expenditure on gambling activities
   21.     Publication of determinations--confidential information
   22.     Criminal intelligence

   PART 4--Inspectors Division 1--Inspectors

   23.     Appointment of inspectors
   24.     Identification of inspectors Division 2--Functions and powers of inspectors
   25.     Purpose of exercising powers of inspectors
   26.     Power to enter and inspect etc
   27.     Power to give directions in relation to gaming operations
   28.     Power to enter and remain in casino premises
   29.     Power to ask for evidence of age
   30.     Commissioner and police officers to exercise same powers as inspectors Division 3--Miscellaneous
   31.     Report to Commissioner
   32.     Dealing with seized things
   33.     Offence to hinder or obstruct an inspector etc
   34.     Inspectors not to gamble

   PART 5--Disciplinary action against gambling providers

   35.     Interpretation
   36.     Cause for disciplinary action
   37.     Compliance notice
   38.     Default notice
   39.     Disciplinary action
   40.     Injunctive remedies
   41.     Punishment of contempts
   42.     Effect of criminal proceedings

   PART 6--Barring orders

   43.     Interpretation
   44.     Barring orders
   45.     Variation or revocation of barring order
   46.     Notice of barring order etc
   47.     Contravention of barring order
   48.     Reconsideration of barring order by Commissioner
   49.     Powers to remove etc
   50.     Liability
   51.     Delegation
   52.     Register
   53.     Winnings of barred person

   PART 7--Review

   54.     Right of review
   55.     Operation of decisions pending review
   56.     Finality of Governor's decisions

   PART 8--Gambling Advisory Council

   57.     Gambling Advisory Council
   58.     Proceedings
   59.     Use of staff and facilities
   60.     Committees

   PART 9--Miscellaneous

   61.     Annual report
   62.     Prohibition on participation in gambling
   63.     False or misleading statements
   64.     Evidence
   65.     Service
   66.     Regulations
           SCHEDULE 1--Repeal, savings and transitional provisions etc
           Legislative history

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