South Australian Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Amendment provisions

   PART 2--Amendment of Child Safety (Prohibited Persons) Act 2016

   4.      Amendment of section 6--Meaning of child-related work and work with children
   5.      Amendment of section 9--Meaning of excluded person
   6.      Amendment of section 12--Interaction with other Acts and laws
   7.      Amendment of section 21--Functions
   8.      Insertion of section 26A
   9.      Insertion of section 33A
   10.     Amendment of section 34--Records management system
   11.     Amendment of section 38--Court to provide notice of certain findings of guilt to central assessment unit
   12.     Substitution of section 39
   13.     Insertion of section 39A
   14.     Insertion of Part 5 Division 5 Division 5--Information sharing
   15.     Amendment of section 53--Regulations

   PART 3--Amendment of Children's Protection Law Reform (Transitional Arrangements and Related Amendments) Act 2017

   16.     Insertion of sections 8A and 8B
   17.     Amendment of section 43--Amendment of section 5--Interpretation

   PART 4--Amendment of Disability Inclusion Act 2018

   18.     Amendment of long title
   19.     Amendment of section 3--Interpretation
   20.     Insertion of Part 5A

   PART 5A--Screening of NDIS workers Division 1--Preliminary

   18F.    Pending applications to be disregarded Division 2--NDIS worker check clearances and exclusions
   18L.    Notice of grant of NDIS worker check clearance or issue of NDIS worker check exclusion Division 3--Risk assessment
   18O.    Matters to be considered in risk assessment Division 4--Duration and termination of NDIS worker check clearances and exclusions
   18T.    Cancellation of NDIS worker check clearance at request of holder Division 5--Information gathering and sharing Subdivision 1--Information gathering
   18X.    Power to require information from other persons Subdivision 2--Information sharing and use
   18ZC.   Power to retain information etc indefinitely Subdivision 3--Miscellaneous
   18ZH.   Disclosure of information to prevent significant harm Division 6--Review of decisions by South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
   18ZI.   Review of decisions by South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Division 7--Miscellaneous
   21.     Amendment of section 19--Interpretation
   22.     Insertion of sections 22A to 22E
   23.     Amendment of section 23--Regulations to set out scheme for screening checks
   24.     Amendment of section 33--Regulations
   25.     Insertion of Schedule 2

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