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Panel of independent reviewers

    (1)     The Attorney-General may appoint a panel of independent reviewers for the purposes of this Act consisting of—

        (a)     an eligible person appointed as chairperson of the panel; and

        (b)     as many other eligible persons appointed as members of the panel as are required.

    (2)     A person is eligible to be appointed as a panel member if—

S. 18(2)(a) amended by No. 15/2018 s. 33.

        (a)     he or she is not a director of VLA, the chief executive officer or an officer or employee of VLA; and

        (b)     he or she is a person with knowledge and experience that, in the opinion of the Attorney-General, is relevant to the functions of an independent reviewer.

    (3)     A panel member

        (a)     holds office for the term (not exceeding 3 years) specified in the instrument of appointment;

        (b)     is eligible for re-appointment;

        (c)     is, while acting as an independent reviewer, entitled to be paid the remuneration and allowances (if any) fixed in respect of him or her by the Governor in Council from time to time.

S. 18(4) substituted by Nos 46/1998
s. 7(Sch. 1), 108/2004 s. 117(1) (Sch.  3 item 111.3), 80/2006 s. 26(Sch. item 58.3).

    (4)     The Public Administration Act 2004 (other than Part 3 of that Act) applies to a panel member in respect of the office of panel member.

    (5)     The Attorney-General may, in the instrument of appointment of a panel member, specify terms and conditions of appointment.

    (6)     The Attorney-General may at any time remove a panel member from office.

    (7)     A panel member may resign from office by delivering to the Attorney-General a signed letter of resignation.

S. 19 amended by Nos 10/1986 ss 9(b), 10, 48/1995
s. 10(j)(i)(ii), substituted by No. 44/1997
s. 14.

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