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Review of decisions of VLA

S. 35(1) amended by Nos 10/1986 ss 9(b), 18(b), 14/1994 s. 6(c), 48/1995 s. 10(v)(i)(ii), 44/1997
ss 17(8) , 21.

    (1)     A person who has made a request under section 34(1) in respect of a decision of VLA or an officer or delegate of VLA and who is dissatisfied with the result of the reconsideration may apply in writing to VLA within the time fixed by VLA (being not less than 7 days after the date of the decision) for the review of the matter by an independent reviewer.

S. 35(1A) inserted by No. 61/1989
s. 12(2) (as amended by Nos 48/1995
s. 11(7)(b), 44/1997 s. 25) , amended by No. 68/2009 s. 97(Sch. item 76.2).

    (1A)     VLA may waive or extend the time fixed by it in a particular case except where the request for review relates to a criminal trial, criminal hearing or criminal appeal in the Supreme Court or the County Court.

S. 35(2) amended by Nos 10/1986 s. 9(b), 48/1995 s. 10(v)(i), 44/1997
s. 17(9)(a)(b).

    (2)     Upon receipt of an application under subsection (1), the panel chairperson must appoint an independent reviewer to review the matter and that reviewer may confirm vary or reverse any decision.

S. 35(2A) inserted by No. 10/1986 s. 18(c), amended by No. 44/1997
s. 17(10)(a).

    (2A)     An independent reviewer

S. 35(2A)(a) amended by No. 44/1997
s. 17(10)(b).

        (a)     must review only the actual decision referred to him or her for review; and

S. 35(2A)(b) amended by Nos 48/1995 s. 10(v)(i), 93/1998
s. 16(1)(i).

        (b)     in reviewing a decision must comply with and give effect to this Act, any legal aid arrangement and the determinations of VLA.

S. 35(3) amended by Nos 10/1986 s. 9(b), 44/1997
s. 17(11).

    (3)     The decision of an independent reviewer under this section is final and conclusive.

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