Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   5.      Terms used

   PART II -- Obligations of the Company  

   6A.     Determination of standards
   7.      Liability of Company for conversion
   11.     Company to insure grain
   12.     Company to furnish balance sheet and revenue account to Minister
   13.     Power of Company to purchase shares
   14.     Application of moneys received from excess of outturn
   15.     Company not liable for act of God or unforeseen loss
   16.     Company’s liability for shortages in stocks
   17.     Polls of growers to be taken by secret ballot
   18.     Title to grain in Company’s care
   19.     Company to allow use of port facilities

   PART V -- Charges  

   34.     Charges by Company to be fixed by Company’s board of directors
   34A.    Special object charges
   34C.    Special object charges for seasons subsequent to 1973-1974 season
   34D.    Company authorised to pay certain statutory contributions
   35.     Company to have priority lien for charges

   PART VA -- Application of income and property  

   35A.    Manner of applying income and property of the Company

   PART VI -- Weighbridge tickets and warrants  

   36.     Company to issue weighbridge ticket on receipt of grain
   37.     Company to issue warrants
   38.     Liability of persons for conversion

   PART VII -- Receival and delivery of grain by the Company  

   40.     Company to provide statement showing handling conditions
   41.     Company to handle grain in accordance with Act
   42.     Company to receive all bulk grain tendered
   43.     Determination of grade of grain
   44.     Guarantee of quality and quantity
   45.     Company may sell if delivery not taken by 30 September
   46.     Shippers to give notice of charter
   47.     Warrant holder’s right to sample grain
   48.     Disputes as to quality of grain for shipment
   49.     Disputes as to quality of grain delivered other than for shipment
   50.     Costs of arbitration

   PART VIII -- Miscellaneous  

   51.     Compulsory marketing
   52.     Contracts for bulk handling of grains other than wheat or barley
   53.     Regulations
   54.      General penalty
           Defined terms
           Compilation table

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