Western Australian Current Regulations

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   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Citation  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Terms used  
   3A.     Forms under Restraining Orders Act 1997  
   4.      File and serve document, meaning of  
   5.      Application of these rules  
   6.      Rules of the Supreme Court 1971, application of

   PART 2 -- Administrative matters

           Division 1 -- Registry matters  

   7.      Electronic transmission of signatures and Court’s seal

           Division 2 -- Registrars’ jurisdiction  

   8.      Registrars’ general jurisdiction  
   9.      Legally qualified registrar may be ordered to take account etc.  
   10.     Registrar may be required to calculate interest etc.  
   11.     Registrars’ matters, when may be listed before judge  
   12.     Registrar may refer matter to judge  
   13.     Registrars’ powers to obtain evidence etc.  
   14.     Registrars’ office taken to be judges’ chambers

           Division 3 -- Appeals from registrars  

   15.     Appeal lies from registrar to judge  
   16.     Directions hearing for appeals from registrars

   PART 3 -- Filing and service of documents

           Division 2 -- Filing documents using ECMS  

   20.     Some documents may be filed by using ECMS

           Division 3 -- Serving documents  

   21.     Service of documents  
   21A.    Service of documents by Court

           Division 4 -- Miscellaneous  

   22A.    RSC Order 9A rule 2 and Order 12 rule 2 modified: form of memorandum of appearance  
   22C.    Party may not be required to state geographical address  
   22.     Summonses for matters in chambers  
   23A.    Affidavits, form of  
   23B.    RSC Order 58 rule 14 modified: form of originating summons  
   23C.    Enforcement of order under another Act giving jurisdiction

   PART 4 -- Case management

           Division 1 -- Preliminary  

   23.     Terms used  
   24.     Meaning of case management direction  
   25.     Enforcement order, meaning of

           Division 2 -- Case management generally  

   26.     Court may make case management directions etc.  
   27.     Case management hearing, registrar may hold

           Division 3 -- Case management of cases commenced by writ

              Subdivision 1 -- Preliminary  

   28.     Application  
   29.     Various RSC provisions do not apply  
   31.     Case management hearing, holding of  
   32.     Case management hearing, conduct of  
   33.     Case management directions etc. may be made in other proceedings  
   34.     Duties of parties at case management hearing etc.

              Subdivision 2 -- Mediations  

   35.     Mediations  
   35AA.   Settlement at mediations  
   35A.    Mediation may serve as pre‑trial conference

              Subdivision 3 -- Entry for trial, and ancillary matters  

   36.     Legal practitioner to notify client of legal costs  
   37.     Entering a case for trial  
   38.     Plaintiff failing to enter case for trial, consequences  
   38A.    After entry for trial, no interlocutory application without leave  
   38B.    Countermanding entry for trial

              Subdivision 4 -- Pre‑trial conference, and ancillary matters  

   39.     Pre‑trial conference, preliminary matters  
   40.     Pre‑trial conference  
   41.     Ancillary matters for pre‑trial conferences

              Subdivision 5A -- Settlement of cases  

   42A.    Offers of compromise

              Subdivision 5 -- Listing conference  

   42.     Listing conference, orders for purpose of  
   43.     Listing conference

              Subdivision 6 -- Inactive cases  

   43A.    Term used: Inactive Cases List  
   44.     Effect of non‑compliance with Notice of Default  
   44A.    Cases inactive for 12 months deemed inactive  
   44B.    Registrar may issue summons to show cause  
   44C.    Springing order that case be put on Inactive Cases List  
   44D.    Parties to be notified of case being on Inactive Cases List and to advise clients  
   44E.    Consequences of case being on Inactive Cases List  
   44F.    Removing cases from Inactive Cases List  
   44G.    Certain inactive cases taken to have been dismissed

   PART 4A -- Documents to be filed, served or delivered before trial  

   45A.    Application  
   45B.    Term used: trial date  
   45C.    Particulars of damages  
   45D.    Building and engineering contracts, actions involving claims under  
   45E.    Index of expert witness reports  
   45F.    Papers for judge  
   45G.    Reception of plans etc. in evidence  
   45H.    Outline of submissions  
   45I.    List of witnesses

   PART 5 -- Obtaining evidence

           Division 1 -- Discovery  

   46.     RSC Order 26 modified in actions commenced by writ

           Division 2 -- Interrogatories  

   47.     RSC Order 27 modified

           Division 3 -- Medical examination  

           47A. RSC ORDER 28 modified

   PART 5A -- Expert evidence  

   47B.    Terms used  
   47C.    RSC Order 36A does not apply  
   47D.    General procedural matters  
   47E.    Expert medical evidence in personal injury cases  
   47F.    Other expert evidence  
   47G.    Derogation of privilege  
   47H.    Enforcing this Part  
   47I.    Court may limit expert evidence

   PART 5BA -- Subpoenas  

           48AA. RSC ORDER 36B rules 1 and 2 modified: subpoena must not require both attendance and production  

   48AB.   RSC Order 36B rule 3 modified: form of subpoena  
   48AC.   RSC Order 36B rule 5A modified: form of subpoena  
   48AD.   RSC Order 36B rule 6 modified: compliance with subpoena  
   48AE.   Subpoenas to produce not addressed to health professionals  
   48AF.   Subpoenas to produce addressed to health professionals  
   48AG.   RSC Order 36B rule 10 modified: disposal of documents and things produced  
   48AH.   RSC Order 36B rule 11 modified: losses and expenses incurred in compliance  
   48AI.   Documents produced not to be disclosed

   PART 5B -- Applications before trial  

   48A.    Amending pleadings, RSC Order 21 modified  
   48B.    Interlocutory applications after listing for trial

   PART 6 -- Appeals to the Court  

   49.     Terms used  
   50.     Appeal, nature of  
   51A.    Time for appealing  
   51.     Appeal, commencement of  
   52.     Primary court to supply records when given notice  
   53.     Appeal, responding to  
   55.     Directions hearing  
   56A.    Dismissing appeals for want of prosecution  
   56.     New grounds of appeal etc. only with leave  
   57.     Court’s powers as to appeals  
   58A.    Orders in appeals, applying for  
   58B.    Consenting to orders  
   58.     Discontinuance  
   59.     Costs  
   60.     Final orders on appeal  
   61A.    Return of security for costs deposit

   PART 7 -- Hearings and trials  

   61.     Outline of submissions etc. for certain hearings

   PART 8 -- Civil Judgments Enforcement Act 2004 rules  

   62.      Terms used  
   63.     Applications etc. that may be dealt with by a registrar  
   64.     Registrar’s decision, review of

   PART 9 -- Misuse of Drugs Act 1981 rules  

   65.      Terms used  
   66.     Applications, how they are to be made  
   67.     Respondent’s rights and obligations  
   68.     Court may order parties to be added  
   69.     Deponents to attend for cross examination  
   70.     Evidentiary matters

   PART 10A -- Prohibited Behaviour Orders Act 2010 rules  

   71A.    Terms used  
   71B.    Application under Act s. 5, how to make  
   71C.    Application under Act s. 21, how to make  
   71D.    Responding to applications  
   71E.    Corrected PBO, registrar’s duties as to

   PART 10 -- Miscellaneous  

   71F.    Term used: court record  
   71.     Access to records and things (registry)  
   72.     Access to records and things (eCourts Portal of Western Australia)

   PART 11 -- Transitional and savings provisions  

   73.     Terms used  
   74.     Cases to which former rules apply  
   75.     Outline of submissions for certain hearings
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Forms  

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