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Definitions—ch 6

    (1)     In this chapter:


        (a)     means a substance consisting of or containing—

              (i)     the fresh or dried parts of a cannabis plant; or

              (ii)     tetrahydrocannabinol; but

        (b)     does not include—

              (i)     goods that consist completely or mainly of cannabis fibre; or

              (ii)     cannabis food products.

"cannabis plant" means a plant of the genus Cannabis.

"commercial quantity"—see section 601.

"conceal "a thing includes conceal or disguise—

        (a)     the nature, source or location of the thing; or

        (b)     any movement of the thing; or

        (c)     someone's rights in relation to the thing; or

        (d)     the identity of any owner of the thing.

"controlled drug" means a substance prescribed by regulation as a controlled drug, but does not include a growing plant.

"controlled plant" means a growing plant prescribed by regulation as a controlled plant, and includes a seedling of the plant.

"controlled precursor" means a substance prescribed by regulation as a controlled precursor.

"cultivates "a plant—see section 615.

"cultivation", of a plant—see section 615.

"large commercial quantity"—see section 601.

"manufacture"—see section 606.

"manufactures"—see section 606.

"possession", of a thing, includes the following:

        (a)     receiving or obtaining possession of the thing;

        (b)     having control over the disposition of the thing (whether or not having custody of the thing);

        (c)     having joint possession of the thing.

"prepare "a drug for supply includes pack the drug or separate the drug into discrete units.

"sell "includes—

        (a)     barter or exchange; and

        (b)     give to someone in the belief that the person will provide property or services in return at a later time, whether by agreement or otherwise; and

        (c)     agree to sell.

"supply "includes—

        (a)     supply by way of sale or otherwise; and

        (b)     agree to supply.

"trafficable quantity"—see section 601.

"traffics" in a controlled drug—see section 602.

"transport" includes deliver.

    (2)     In this section:

"cannabis food product"—see the Drugs of Dependence Act 1989

, section 6.

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