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Employer's responsibility to pay for hearing loss tests

    (1)     If an employer would, apart from section 64 (No compensation for less than 6% hearing loss), be liable to pay compensation under section 51 (Compensation for permanent injuries generally) for a worker's hearing, the employer is liable under this chapter to pay the cost of only the following hearing tests for the loss:

        (a)     a test carried out at least 3 years after any previous test that the employer has paid for;

        (b)     a test that finds that the worker has suffered a total hearing loss because of boilermakers deafness of 6% or more;

        (c)     a test carried out after the worker has left the worker's employment with the employer if the hearing loss is attributable to the employment;

        (d)     a test carried out by a doctor, or audiologist, using an audiogram to work out the level of hearing loss.

    (2)     The cost of a hearing test for the worker is the cost of obtaining a medical certificate, and any examination required for the certificate, about the extent of the worker's hearing loss.

    (3)     This section does not require payment by an employer for the cost of obtaining a hearing test that the employer would not otherwise be liable to pay for under this chapter.

    (4)     In this section:

"total hearing loss" means the total of the present loss and all previous losses of hearing because of boilermakers deafness.

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