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Proposed amendments to access undertakings

Commission may give an amendment notice in relation to an undertaking

  (1)   Before deciding whether to accept an undertaking given to it under subsection   44ZZA(1) by a person who is, or expects to be, the provider of a service, the Commission may give the person an amendment notice in relation to the undertaking.

  (2)   An amendment notice is a notice in writing that specifies:

  (a)   the nature of the amendment or amendments (the proposed amendment or amendments ) that the Commission proposes be made to the undertaking; and

  (b)   the Commission's reasons for the proposed amendment or amendments; and

  (c)   the period (the response period ) within which the person may respond to the notice, which must be at least 14 days after the day the notice was given to the person.

  (3)   The Commission may publish, by electronic or other means, the amendment notice.

  (4)   The Commission may give more than one amendment notice in relation to an undertaking.

Person may give a revised undertaking in response to notice

  (5)   If a person receives an amendment notice, the person may, within the response period, respond to the notice by giving a revised undertaking to the Commission that incorporates one or more amendments.

  (6)   If the revised undertaking incorporates one or more amendments that the Commission considers are not of the nature proposed in the amendment notice and do not address the reasons for the proposed amendments given in the amendment notice, the Commission must not accept the revised undertaking and must return it to the person within 21 days of receiving it.

  (7)   If the person gives a revised undertaking under subsection   (5) and the revised undertaking is not returned to the person under subsection   (6), the revised undertaking is taken, after the time it is given to the Commission, to be the undertaking given under section   44ZZA for the purposes of this Part.

  (8)   The person is taken to have not agreed to the proposed amendment or amendments if the person does not respond within the response period.

Commission not required to accept revised undertaking

  (9)   The Commission is not required to accept the revised undertaking under section   44ZZA.

No duty to propose amendments

  (10)   In considering whether to accept an undertaking, the Commission does not have a duty to consider whether to propose one or more amendments to the undertaking.

Notice of proposed amendment is not a legislative instrument

  (11)   A notice given under subsection   (1) is not a legislative instrument.

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