Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Simplified outline of this Part

This Part applies to a person who is incapacitated for service or work, or who is impaired, as a result of a service injury or disease.

Most decisions under this Part are made by the person's rehabilitation authority. The rehabilitation authority is either the Chief of the Defence Force or the Commission.

The rehabilitation authority, either on its own initiative or on the person's request, carries out an initial assessment of the person's capacity for rehabilitation. The person might be required to undergo an examination (paid for by the Commonwealth) as part of the assessment. (Compensation can be paid for costs incurred in travelling to the examination.)

Once the assessment is done, the rehabilitation authority decides if the person should undertake a rehabilitation program (provided by an approved program provider). In certain cases, the rehabilitation authority can stop or vary the program once it has begun.

A person's right to compensation can be suspended if the person fails to undergo an examination or fails to undertake the program as required.

This Part also provides for rehabilitation for certain persons who have made a claim for acceptance of liability by the Commission for a service injury or disease, where the claim has not been determined.

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