Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Access to documents etc.

             (1)  Where, under section 13E, a matter is referred to the Commissioner for investigation, the Commissioner may, by writing signed by the Commissioner, authorise an officer to conduct an investigation into that matter.

             (2)  For the purposes of conducting an investigation into a matter referred to the Commissioner under section 13E, an officer authorised under subsection (1) of this section to conduct the investigation:

                     (a)  may, at all reasonable times, enter upon any land in the Territory;

                     (b)  shall have full and free access at all reasonable times to all documents in the Territory; and

                     (c)  may take extracts from, and make copies of, any documents in the Territory.

             (3)  An officer who enters upon land pursuant to subsection (2) is not authorised to remain on the land if, on request by the occupier of the land, the officer does not produce a certificate issued by the Commissioner stating that he or she is an officer authorised under subsection (1) to conduct an investigation into a matter specified in the certificate.

             (4)  The occupier of land entered or proposed to be entered by an officer under subsection (2) shall provide the officer with all reasonable facilities and assistance for the effective exercise of powers under this section.

Penalty for a contravention of this subsection:     10 penalty units.

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