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Pilot to be fit for duty

             (1)  The pilot must not commence an application operation if he or she is not fit for duty.

Penalty:  25 penalty units.

             (2)  The operator of an aeroplane to be used in an application operation must not allow the pilot to commence the operation if the operator has reason to believe that the pilot is not fit for duty.

Penalty:  25 penalty units.

             (3)  For subregulations (1) and (2), a pilot is not fit for duty if, for example:

                     (a)  he or she has not had adequate rest, food or drink; or

                     (b)  he or she is adversely affected by a medical condition or a psychoactive substance.

Note:          The expression psychoactive substances refers to alcohol, drugs and volatile solvents, but not coffee and tobacco: see clause 60 of Part 2 of the Dictionary.

             (4)  In paragraph (3)(b):

"medical" includes psychological and psychiatric.

             (5)  A contravention of subregulation (1) or (2) is an offence of strict liability.


Table of contents

Subpart 138.A--Preliminary

138.005     Application of Part 138

138.010     Definition of aerial work operation etc.

138.012     Definition of significant change

138.015     Definition of task specialist

138.020     Issue of Manual of Standards for Part 138

138.025     Approvals by CASA for Part 138

Subpart 138.B--Certification

Division 138.B.1--Requirement for certification for certain operations

138.030     Requirement to hold aerial work certificate

Division 138.B.2--Aerial work certificates

138.035     Application for aerial work certificate

138.040     Issue of aerial work certificate

138.045     Approval of manuals

138.050     Conditions of aerial work certificates

138.055     Compliance with conditions of aerial work certificates

Division 138.B.3--Changes relating to aerial work operators

138.060     Changes of name etc.

138.062     Application for approval of significant changes

138.064     Approval of significant changes

138.066     Changes must be made in accordance with process in operations manual

138.068     CASA directions relating to operations manual or key personnel

Division 138.B.4--Organisation and personnel

138.070     Organisation and personnel

138.075     Key personnel cannot carry out responsibilities

138.080     Familiarisation training for key personnel

138.085     Responsibilities and accountabilities of chief executive officer

138.090     Qualifications and experience of head of operations

138.095     Responsibilities of head of operations

138.100     Qualifications and experience of head of training and checking

138.105     Responsibilities of head of training and checking

138.110     Experience of safety manager

138.115     Responsibilities of safety manager

138.120     Additional qualification and experience requirements for key personnel

Division 138.B.5--Training and checking

138.125     Operators who are required to have a training and checking system

138.130     Requirements for flight crew

138.135     Requirements for other operational safety-critical personnel

Division 138.B.6--Safety management system

138.140     Operators who are required to have a safety management system

138.145     Safety management system requirements

Division 138.B.7--Personnel fatigue management

138.150     Operators who are required to have a crew fatigue management system

Division 138.B.8--Operations manuals

138.155     Content of operations manual

138.157     Compliance with operations manual by operator

138.160     Compliance with operations manual by personnel

138.165     Providing personnel with operations manual

Division 138.B.9--Records and documents

138.170     Personnel training and checking records

138.175     Availability of records

138.180     Copies of flight crew licences and medical certificates

138.185     Retention periods for personnel records

Division 138.B.10--Miscellaneous

138.195     Reference library

138.200     Maximum period for use of foreign registered aircraft in Australian territory

Subpart 138.C--General

Division 138.C.1--General flight limitations

138.205     Permitted categories of aircraft for aerial work operations

Division 138.C.2--Operational documents

138.210     Compliance with flight manual

138.215     Availability of checklists

Division 138.C.3--Flight related documents

138.220     Electronic documents

138.225     Availability of parts of operations manual

Division 138.C.4--Reporting and recording defects and incidents etc.

138.230     Procedures for reporting and recording defects etc.

138.235     Reporting and recording incidents

Division 138.C.5--Search and rescue services and emergency and survival equipment

Division 138.C.6--Miscellaneous requirements

Subpart 138.D--Operational procedures

Division 138.D.1--Operational control

Division 138.D.2--Flight preparation

138.265     Flight preparation requirements

Division 138.D.3--Flight planning

138.270     Availability of flight planning information

Division 138.D.4--Flight rules

138.275     Minimum height rules

Division 138.D.5--Take-offs and landings

138.280     Procedures for safety at aerodromes

Division 138.D.6--Fuel requirements

138.285     Fuel procedures

138.290     Oil requirements

138.300     Hot fuelling

138.302     Fuelling safety procedures

Division 138.D.7--Carriage of passengers or cargo

138.305     Carriage of passengers--general

138.320     Procedures for carriage of restricted persons

Division 138.D.8--Instruments, indicators, equipment and systems

138.340     Head-up displays, enhanced vision systems and synthetic vision systems

138.345     Survival equipment procedures

138.350     NVIS flights

Division 138.D.9--Miscellaneous

138.370     Operator must conduct risk assessments

138.375     Wearing of seatbelts and other restraint devices

138.380     Procedures in relation to frost etc.

138.385     Procedures in relation to polar operations

Division 138.D.10--Rules for external load operations

138.400     Certain night operations prohibited unless operation is an emergency service operation or approved by CASA

138.410     Manual of Standards may prescribe requirements for external load operations

Division 138.D.11--Rules for dispensing operations

138.425     Manual of Standards may prescribe requirements for dispensing operations

Division 138.D.12--Rules for task specialist operations

138.430     Manual of Standards may prescribe requirements for task specialist operations

138.432     Possessing and discharging firearms

Subpart 138.F--Performance

138.435     Take-off performance

138.440     Landing performance

Subpart 138.J--Weight and balance

138.450     Loading of aircraft

138.460     Weight and balance documents

Subpart 138.K--Equipment

138.465     Requirements relating to equipment

Subpart 138.N--Flight crew

138.475     Composition, number, qualifications and training

138.480     Training for new or inexperienced flight crew members

138.485     Competence

138.490     Assignment to duty of pilot in command

138.500     Qualification as pilot in command

138.505     Training and checking to be conducted by certain persons

Subpart 138.P--Air crew members and task specialists

Division 138.P.1--Air crew members

138.535     Application of Division 138.P.1

138.540     Composition, number, qualifications and training

138.550     Training and checking to be conducted by certain persons

Division 138.P.2--Task specialists

138.575     Application of Division 138.P.2

138.580     Qualifications and training

138.590     Training and checking to be conducted by certain persons

Subpart 138.A -- Preliminary


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