Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Part 141 operators--key personnel: additional qualification and experience requirements

             (1)  This regulation applies to:

                     (a)  an applicant for a Part 141 certificate; or

                     (b)  a Part 141 operator.

             (2)  CASA may, by written notice given to the applicant or operator, direct that any of the key personnel of the applicant or operator must have stated additional qualifications or experience to those otherwise required under this Subpart.

             (3)  If satisfied that it is necessary in the interests of aviation safety, CASA may, by written notice given to a person who is, or is proposed to be, any of the key personnel of the applicant or operator, direct the person:

                     (a)  to undertake a stated examination; or

                     (b)  to be interviewed by CASA; or

                     (c)  to complete a stated training course.

             (4)  In deciding whether to give a direction under this regulation, CASA must have regard to, but is not limited to considering, the following:

                     (a)  the need to ensure that the applicant or operator can conduct safe authorised Part 141 flight training in accordance with its operations manual and civil aviation legislation;

                     (b)  the nature and complexity of the training;

                     (c)  the leadership, management and standards-setting skills required by the person for the training;

                     (d)  how recently the person has used his or her aviation skills;

                     (e)  whether the person is able to exercise the privileges of each civil aviation authorisation held by the person.

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