Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Grant of endorsement on ATC licences

             (1)  An endorsement certifies that an ATC licence holder is competent to perform a particular air traffic control function at a particular aerodrome, or in relation to particular airspace.

          (1A)  A person may apply to CASA, in writing, for an endorsement on an ATC licence.

Note:          An application must be in the approved form, include all the information required by these Regulations and be accompanied by every document required by these Regulations--see regulation 11.030.

             (2)  Subject to regulation 11.055, CASA must grant an endorsement to an applicant who:

                     (a)  is eligible to be granted an ATC licence with a rating; and

                     (b)  successfully completes the training required by the Manual of Standards for the grant of the endorsement.

Note:          Under regulation 201.004, an application may be made to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for review of:

(a)    a decision refusing to grant, or cancelling, suspending or varying, an endorsement; or

(b)    a decision imposing a condition on an endorsement.

             (3)  An ATS provider must set up and maintain a program to ensure that its employees who hold ATC licences maintain endorsements appropriate to their duties.

             (4)  That program must be in accordance with any standards and requirements set out in the Manual of Standards.

             (5)  The provider must include details of the program, including necessary training and tests of competency, in its operations manual.

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