Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Provision of information (general requirement)

             (1)  In this regulation:

"officer " includes a clearance officer.

             (2)  This regulation applies to:

                     (a)  a person who is an overseas passenger:

                              (i)  arriving on board a vessel at a port in Australia in the course of, or at the conclusion of, an overseas flight or an overseas voyage; or

                             (ii)  leaving Australia on board a vessel bound for or calling at a place outside Australia; and

                     (b)  a person on board an aircraft arriving at, or departing from, an airport in Australia, being an aircraft operated by an international air carrier;

other than:

                     (c)  a person included in a class of persons set out in an item in Part 1 of Schedule 9, being an item in which the word "no" appears in column 4; and

                     (d)  a person who, under regulation 3.06, is not required to complete a passenger card; and

                     (e)  a person who enters Australia:

                              (i)  on a non-military ship; and

                             (ii)  as a member of the crew of that non-military ship, or as a member of the family unit of a member of the crew of that non-military ship.

             (3)  A person to whom this regulation applies who is arriving in Australia must:

                     (a)  complete a passenger card:

                              (i)  in relation to the person and to any other person that person is in charge of on the relevant flight or voyage; and

                             (ii)  in accordance with directions set out on the passenger card; and

                     (b)  provide the completed passenger card to an officer.

             (4)  An officer may require a person to whom this regulation applies to provide to the officer information about that person in respect of any of the following matters:

                     (a)  name;

                     (b)  date of birth and country of birth;

                     (c)  citizenship;

                     (d)  sex, and marital or relationship status;

                     (e)  usual occupation;

                      (f)  passport number;

                     (g)  if the person is not:

                              (i)  an Australian citizen; or

                             (ii)  a person who is eligible for the grant of a Special Category visa; or

                            (iii)  a person who will on entry be taken to hold a special purpose visa;

                            the number of the Australian visa held by the person;

                     (h)  flight number of aircraft or name of ship in relation to the relevant flight or voyage;

                      (i)  country in which the person boarded, or intends to disembark from, the aircraft or ship;

                      (j)  if the person is entering Australia--the intended address of the person in Australia.

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