Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Limitation imposed by governing rules

  (1)   For paragraph   29TC(3)(a) of the Act, the following limitations on the source or kind of contributions made by or on behalf of a person who holds a MySuper product offered by a regulated superannuation fund are prescribed:

  (a)   a limitation on a contribution, by way of transfer, from a fund that is, at the time the transfer is made:

  (i)   a foreign superannuation fund; or

  (ii)   a fund that is similar to a foreign superannuation fund;

  (b)   a limitation on the contribution of an asset in a form other than money;

  (c)   a limitation in relation to a contribution by a non - associated employer to:

  (i)   a MySuper product that is authorised because section   29TB of the Act is satisfied; or

  (ii)   a corporate MySuper product.

  (2)   In this regulation:

"corporate MySuper product" has the meaning given by subsection   23A(3) of the Fair Work Act 2009 .

"foreign superannuation fund" has the meaning given by section   995 - 1 of the 1997 Tax Act.

"non-associated employer" means a person who is not:

  (a)   an employer of the person who holds the MySuper product; or

  (b)   an employer associated with the employer of the person who holds the MySuper product.

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