Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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10. Regulation 5.177 (Air transport (helicopter) pilot: rating required)
10.1 Subregulation 5.177 (1):
Omit "subregulation (2)", substitute "subregulations (2) and (4)".

10.2 Add at the end:

"(4) The holder of an air transport pilot (helicopter) licence may fly as
pilot in command of a helicopter at night under the V.F.R. without holding a
helicopter grade of night V.F.R. rating, if:

   (a)  the helicopter is flying in a traffic pattern; and

   (b)  weather conditions in the traffic pattern are such that the flight can
        be conducted as a V.F.R. flight; and

   (c)  an authorised flight instructor has made an entry in the holder's
        personal log book to the effect that the holder has met the night
        V.F.R. handling requirements in a helicopter; and

   (d)  the holder has, within 90 days before the day of the flight, carried

        (i)    at least 3 take-offs and 3 landings at night while flying a
               helicopter under the V.F.R. as pilot in command; or

        (ii)   at least 1 take-off and 1 landing at night while dual flying in
               a helicopter under the V.F.R.; and

   (e)  the holder conducts the flight under the direct supervision of an
        authorised flight instructor; and

   (f)  there are no passengers in the helicopter.". 

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