Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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9. Regulation 5.168 (Air transport (aeroplane) pilot: rating required)
9.1 Subregulation 5.168 (1):
Omit "subregulation (2)", substitute "subregulations (2) and (3)".

9.2 Add at the end:

"(3) The holder of an air transport pilot (aeroplane) licence may fly as pilot
in command of an aeroplane at night under the V.F.R. without holding an
aeroplane grade of night V.F.R. rating, if:

   (a)  the aeroplane is flying in a traffic pattern; and

   (b)  weather conditions in the traffic pattern are such that the flight can
        be conducted as a V.F.R. flight; and

   (c)  an authorised flight instructor has made an entry in the holder's
        personal log book to the effect that the holder has met the night
        V.F.R. handling requirements in an aeroplane; and

   (d)  the holder has, within 90 days before the day of the flight, carried

        (i)    at least 3 take-offs and 3 landings at night while flying an
               aeroplane under the V.F.R. as pilot in command; or

        (ii)   at least 1 take-off and 1 landing at night while dual flying in
               an aeroplane under the V.F.R.; and

   (e)  the holder conducts the flight under the direct supervision of an
        authorised flight instructor; and

   (f)  there are no passengers in the aeroplane.". 

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