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1992 No. 367 MIGRATION (1993) REGULATIONS - REG 2.22

Effect and operation of visas
2.22. (1) A visa granted by the Minister comes into force:

   (a)  if a day of effect is specified in the visa - on that day; or

   (b)  if no day of effect is specified - on the day on which the visa is

(2) A visa ceases to be in force:

   (a)  on the expiration of the period in respect of which the visa was
        granted; or

   (b)  if the visa specifies an event the occurrence of which is to result in
        the invalidation of the visa - on the occurrence of that event; or

   (c)  if the visa was granted subject to the condition that the visa would
        lapse if a requirement was not met on or before a specified day and
        the requirement is not so met - on the expiry of that specified day;

   (d)  if the visa is cancelled - on the day of the cancellation; or

   (e)  if the visa is terminated by operation of regulation 2.23 or 2.36 - on
        the day on which the holder is notified of the determination. 

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