Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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Returns relating to commercial prawn boats
9. (1) Subject to subregulation (2), an owner of a commercial prawn boat must
lodge a return for a levy period, at the office of the appropriate person, on
or before 31 December in the levy period.

(2) If subregulation 6 (2) applies to a ship in relation to a levy period, the
owner must lodge a return for the levy period on or before the last day for
payment of the levy in accordance with that subregulation.

(3) The return must:

   (a)  set out all the particulars listed in paragraphs 8 (a), (b), (c), (d),
        (e), (h), (j) and (k) that relate to the period of the return; and

   (b)  state:

        (i)    whether the ship is registered under the Shipping Registration 
               Act 1981 ; and

        (ii)   if the ship is so registered-the ship's official number as
               shown on the registration certificate; and

   (c)  state:

        (i)    whether the ship has a survey certificate issued by a survey
               authority; and

        (ii)   if the ship has a certificate of that kind-the name of the
               survey authority; and

   (d)  include a declaration:

        (i)    signed by the owner; or

        (ii)   if the owner is a company-signed by an individual authorised by
               the company; that the particulars set out in the return are
               correct in every material particular.

(4) If a change occurs in any circumstances in consequence of which the
information given becomes inaccurate, the boat owner must advise the
appropriate person within 28 days of the change.

(5) In this regulation, "appropriate person", in relation to an owner of a
commercial prawn boat, means:

   (a)  if, under subsection 12 (3) of the Export Promotion Act, the person
        who is liable to pay levy imposed on the ship must pay the levy to a
        collecting organisation-that organisation; or

   (b)  in any other case-the Secretary. (NOTE: There may be a penalty if a
        person fails to lodge a return-see section 22 of the Export Promotion

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