New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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36ZD Definitions

(1) In this Part--

"advertisement" means--
(a) any words, whether written or spoken, or
(b) any pictorial representation or design, or
(c) any other representation by any means at all.

"display" , in relation to an advertisement, includes cause or permit to be displayed.

"manufacture" , in relation to a psychoactive substance, means to make up, prepare, produce, process (including by extracting or refining), package or label the psychoactive substance.

"psychoactive effect" , in relation to a person who is consuming or has consumed a psychoactive substance, means--
(a) stimulation or depression of the central nervous system of the person, resulting in hallucinations or a significant disturbance in, or significant change to, motor function, thinking, behaviour, perception, awareness or mood, or
(b) causing a state of dependence, including physical or psychological addiction.

"psychoactive substance" means any substance (other than a substance to which this Part does not apply) that, when consumed by a person, has the capacity to induce a psychoactive effect.

"publish" includes distribute, disseminate, circulate, exhibit and cause or permit to be published.

"substance" includes any plant, fungus or natural organism.

"tobacco product" means tobacco, or a cigarette or cigar, or any other product containing tobacco and designed for human consumption or use.

"usage instruction" , in relation to a psychoactive substance, includes any direction, caution, warning, advice or recommendation in relation to the consumption of the substance.
(2) In this Part, a reference to the
"consumption" of a psychoactive substance includes a reference to the ingestion, injection or inhalation of a psychoactive substance, the smoking of a psychoactive substance, the inhalation of fumes caused by the heating or burning of a psychoactive substance and any other means of introducing a psychoactive substance into any part of the body of a person.

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