New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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4 Definitions

(1) In this Act:

"another jurisdiction" means any State or Territory, other than this jurisdiction.

"appropriate Council" , in relation to another jurisdiction, means the authority that, under the corresponding law of that jurisdiction, has functions that are substantially the same as the Council's functions under this Act.

"business assets" means the property of a person that is used in the performance of the person's occupation and that is able to be taken in proceedings to enforce a judgment of a court.

"corresponding law" means a law of another jurisdiction that corresponds to this Act, and includes a law of another jurisdiction that is declared by the regulations to be a corresponding law of that jurisdiction for the purposes of this Act.

"costs" includes fees, charges, disbursements and expenses.

"Council" means the Professional Standards Council constituted by this Act.

"court" includes an arbitrator.

"damages" means:
(a) damages awarded in respect of a claim or counter-claim or claim by way of set-off, and
(b) costs in or in relation to the proceedings ordered to be paid in connection with such an award (other than costs incurred in enforcing a judgment or incurred on an appeal made by a defendant), and
(c) any interest payable on the amount of those damages or costs.

"exercise" of a function includes, where the function is a duty, the performance of the duty.

"function" includes a power, authority and duty.

"interstate scheme" means a scheme:
(a) that has been prepared under the corresponding law of another jurisdiction, and
(b) that operates, or indicates an intention to operate, as a scheme of this jurisdiction.

"judgment" includes:
(a) a judgment given by consent, and
(b) an award of an arbitrator.

"occupational association" means a body corporate:
(a) which represents the interests of persons who are members of the same occupational group or related occupational groups, and
(b) the membership of which is limited principally to members of that occupational group or those occupational groups.

"occupational group" includes a professional group and a trade group.

"occupational liability" means civil liability arising (in tort, contract or otherwise) directly or vicariously from anything done or omitted by a member of an occupational association acting in the performance of his or her occupation.

"scheme" means a scheme for limiting the occupational liability of members of an occupational association, and includes an interstate scheme.

"this jurisdiction" means New South Wales.
Note : The Interpretation Act 1987 contains definitions and other provisions that affect the interpretation and application of this Act.
(1A) A reference in this Act to the amount payable under an insurance policy in respect of an occupational liability includes a reference to:
(a) defence costs payable in respect of a claim, or notification that may lead to a claim (other than reimbursement of the defendant for time spent in relation to the claim), but only if those costs are payable out of the one sum insured under the policy in respect of the occupational liability, and
(b) the amount payable under or in relation to the policy by way of excess.
(2) Notes included in this Act do not form part of this Act.

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