Northern Territory Consolidated Regulations

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Steering gear and handlebars

    (1)     The handlebars on a motor bike must extend at least 250 millimetres, but not over 450 millimetres, on each side of the centre line of the vehicle.

    (2)     In taking a measurement for subrule (1), mirrors and lights mounted on the handlebars of the motor bike are disregarded.

    (3)     The lowest part of the hand grip on the handle bars must not be higher than 380 millimetres above the attachment point of the handlebars to the motor bike.

    (4)     Hand grips on the handle bars must be fitted symmetrically.

    (5)     If a motor bike has the head stem as the steering pivot point, the horizontal distance from the midpoint between the head stem bearings to the centre of the front wheel must not be over 550 millimetres.


Maximum horizontal distance from midpoint between head stem bearings of motor bike to centre of front wheel

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