Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Definitions for chapter

64 Definitions for chapter

In this chapter—

"adjudicated amount" see section 88 (1) .

"adjudication application" see section 79 (1) .

"adjudication certificate" see section 91 (1) .

"adjudication response" see section 82 (1) .

"adjudicator" , in relation to an adjudication application, means an adjudicator appointed under section 81 to decide the application.

"carry out construction work" means—
(a) carry out construction work personally; or
(b) directly or indirectly, cause construction work to be carried out; or
(c) provide advisory, administrative, management or supervisory services for carrying out construction work.

"claimant" see section 75 (1) .

"complex payment claim" means a payment claim for an amount more than $750,000 (exclusive of GST) or, if a greater amount is prescribed by regulation, the amount prescribed.

"construction contract" means a contract, agreement or other arrangement under which 1 party undertakes to carry out construction work for, or to supply related goods and services to, another party.

"construction work" see section 65 .

"due date" , for a progress payment, means the day the progress payment becomes payable under section 73 .

"payment claim" see section 68 (1) .

"payment schedule" see section 69 .

"progress payment" means a payment to which a person is entitled under section 70 , and includes, without affecting any entitlement under the section—
(a) the final payment for construction work carried out, or for related goods and services supplied, under a construction contract; or
(b) a single or one-off payment for carrying out construction work, or for supplying related goods and services, under a construction contract; or
(c) a payment that is based on an event or date, known in the building and construction industry as a ‘milestone payment’.

"reference date" see section 67 .

"related goods and services" see section 66 .

"relevant construction contract" , for a progress payment or payment claim, means the construction contract to which the progress payment, or to which the payment claim, relates.

"respondent" see section 75 (1) .

"standard payment claim" means a payment claim that is not a complex payment claim.

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