Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Giving final decision other than in an appeal

121 Giving final decision other than in an appeal

(1) The tribunal must give its final decision in a proceeding in writing to—
(a) each party to the proceeding; and
(b) each other person to whom notice of the decision is required to be given under an enabling Act or the rules; and
(c) for a proceeding for a review of a reviewable decision—the chief executive of the entity in which the reviewable decision was made (if the chief executive is not a party to the proceeding); and
(d) any other person the tribunal reasonably considers notice of the decision should be given.
(2) Also, the tribunal must give each party to the proceeding a written notice stating—
(a) part 8 provides for appeals against particular decisions of the tribunal; and
(b) a brief summary of the application of part 8 ; and
(c) if the final decision given under subsection (1) does not include the tribunal’s reasons for the decision—the party may request that the tribunal give written reasons for the final decision under section 122 .
(3) The tribunal complies with subsection (1) (b) , (c) or (d) in relation to a person if the tribunal orders a party to the proceeding to give a copy of the final decision to the person.
(4) Without limiting section 122 , the tribunal must give reasons for its final decision in a proceeding either orally or in writing.
(5) This section does not apply to an appeal before the appeal tribunal.
See section 148 for how the appeal tribunal is to give its final decision in an appeal.
(6) In this section—

"chief executive" includes chief executive officer.

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