Queensland Consolidated Regulations

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Isolating and tagging procedures

78 Isolating and tagging procedures

(1) A coal mine must have a standard operating procedure for the following—
(a) controlling the risk of an unplanned release of energy from plant, including positively isolating the energy source;
(b) if an electrical or mechanical energy source is positively isolated—testing for zero potential;
(c) taking plant out of service;
(d) returning plant to service.
(2) Without limiting subsection (1) , the standard operating procedure may provide for the use of danger, isolation, operational, out of service, personal and restriction tags for particular circumstances.
(3) If the safety or health of a person is directly affected by the operation or non-operation of plant, the procedure must also provide for the person to personally control, by attaching a danger tag or lock to the plant, the plant’s change in status from non-operational to operational.
(4) For subsection (1) (a) , the method for positively isolating the energy source for plant provided for in the standard operating procedure must—
(a) for plant that is electrical equipment—be a manually initiated operation that—
(i) isolates all active power conductors of the plant being isolated from the electricity supply; and
(ii) prevents unintended re-energisation, including re-energisation through inadvertent operation of the plant or component failure; and
(b) for other plant—be the operation of a manually operated device that—
(i) is installed in the energy supply for the plant and, when operated, isolates the plant from its energy source; and
(ii) requires a manually initiated operation for the supply of energy to the plant to be resumed; and
(c) require the isolation device be clearly marked as being the positive means of isolating the plant.
(5) In this section—

"isolation device" means—
(a) for plant that is electrical equipment—the device used manually to initiate the operation mentioned in subsection (4) (a) ; or
(b) for other plant—the device mentioned in subsection (4) (b) .

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