Queensland Numbered Acts

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Insertion of new sch 5

42 Insertion of new sch 5

After schedule 4—

5 &endash; Application of provisions in relation to Energex or Ergon Energy Corporation

Act or regulation Section
Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 section 106B(3), definition
"government entity"
Building Act 1975 section 116(4), definition
"government building"
Criminal Code section 469A(5), definition
"government entity"
Duties Act 2001 schedule 6, definition
"new right"
Economic Development Act 2012 sections 42B(c)(i), 52(1) and (2), and 58(2)(b)(i)
schedule 1, definition
"government entity"
Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 section 106(4), definition
"State or local government entity"
Food Act 2006 section 3(2)
Land Regulation 2009 section 30(3), definition
"government leasing entity"
section 37C(c)
Land Valuation Act 2010 sections 53(3)(b) and 62(1)(b)
schedule, definition
schedule, definition
Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011 schedule, definition
"government authority"
Public Sector Ethics Act 1994 schedule, definition
"public sector entity"
Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 sections 6(2)(b) and 19
section 26, definition
"public sector entity"
section 43(3), definition
"public sector entity"
section 46(4), definition
"public officer"
section 57, definition
"public sector entity"
section 66(3), definition
"proper authority"
section 71(4), definition
"public sector entity"
Queensland Building and Construction Commission Regulation 2003 schedule 1AA, section 8(2), definition
"agency of the State"
Queensland Competition Authority Act 1997 schedule 2, definition
"government agency"
Queensland Reconstruction Authority Act 2011 sections 65(b)(i) and 102(1) and (2)
section 127(5), definition
"relevant entity"
schedule, definition
"government entity"
Sustainable Planning Act 2009
schedule 3, definition
"public sector entity"

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