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    (1)     In Subdivisions (8A) to (8FA)—

"animal" means any animal (other than a human being), whether vertebrate or not;

"care, supervision or authority"—see section 37;

"consent"—see section 36;

"domestic partner" of a person means—

        (a)     a person who is in a registered domestic relationship with the person; or

        (b)     a person to whom the person is not married but with whom the person is living as a couple on a genuine domestic basis (irrespective of gender or gender identity);


See also subsection (2).

"sexual", in relation to an activity—see section 35D;

"sexual", in relation to touching—see section 35B;

"sexual penetration"—see section 35A;

"take part in a sexual act"—see section 35C;

"touching"—see section 35B;

S. 35(1) def. of vagina substituted by No. 5/2018 s. 3(1), amended by No. 38/2022 s. 91(1).

"vagina" includes the external genitalia.

    (2)     For the purposes of the definition of domestic partner in subsection (1)—

        (a)     "registered domestic relationship" has the same meaning as in the Relationships Act 2008 ; and

        (b)     in determining whether persons who are not in a registered domestic relationship are domestic partners of each other, all the circumstances of their relationship are to be taken into account, including any one or more of the matters referred to in section 35(2) of the Relationships Act 2008 as may be relevant in a particular case.

S. 35(3) inserted by No. 5/2018 s. 3(2).

    (3)     For the purposes of Subdivisions (8A) to (8FA), a reference to a part of the body includes a reference to a surgically altered or constructed part of the body.

S. 35A inserted by No. 47/2016 s. 5.

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