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Use of recordings for training, teaching or testing purposes

    (1)     In this section—

S. 464JD(1) def. of prescribed person amended by Nos 64/2010 s. 5(1), 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 36.21).

"prescribed person" means—

        (a)     a member of Victoria Police personnel (other than a protective services officer);

        (b)     a person or body engaged to provide services to Victoria Police in relation to the installation or maintenance of recording equipment;

        (c)     a legal practitioner or a person training to become a legal practitioner;

        (d)     a person, or a person belonging to a class of persons, prescribed for the purposes of this section;

        (e)     an investigating official or a person acting under his or her direction;

"recording" has the same meaning as in section 464JA.

    (2)     Subject to section 464JA, a recording may be played to a prescribed person for the purposes of training or teaching that person or testing the recording equipment if—

        (a)     the suspect has been convicted or found guilty of the charge to which the recording relates; and

        (b)     all legal proceedings in relation to the subject matter in the recording have been concluded; and

        (c)     all reasonable measures have been taken to prevent the identification of the suspect or any other person (including an alleged victim) from the recording when it is played.

Heading inserted by No. 16/2002 s. 4(a).


S. 464K inserted by No. 38/1988 s. 4,
amended by Nos 25/1989 s. 11(c), 57/1989 s. 5(1)(c), substituted by No. 129/1993 s. 7.

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