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Exemptions for prohibited weapons and body armour

    (1)     The Governor in Council may, by Order published in the Government Gazette—

S. 8B(1)(a) amended by Nos 42/2010 s. 7(1), 35/2012 s. 13.

        (a)     exempt from any provision of section 5 (except section 5(1AC) or (1AD)), 5AA, 5AB(1) or  8A (as the case requires)—

              (i)     a class of persons or class of prohibited weapons or body armour; or

S. 8B(1)(a)(ii) amended by No. 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 28.3).

              (ii)     a corrections officer, military officer or member of police personnel (by name or description of office); and

        (b)     specify conditions and limitations to which an exemption under paragraph (a) is subject.

S. 8B(2) inserted by No. 78/2005 s. 67.

    (2)     An exemption under subsection (1)—

        (a)     must not be granted in respect of prohibited persons; and

        (b)     if granted in respect of a class of person or persons identified by a particular description, does not apply to any prohibited person who is a member of that class or who satisfies that description (as the case requires).

S. 8B(3) inserted by No. 42/2010 s. 7(2).

    (3)     An exemption granted under subsection (1) in respect of a class of person or persons may be subject to a condition that the exemption does not apply to a person until that person has been a member of that class for a specified minimum period of up to 6 months.

S. 8B(4) inserted by No. 42/2010 s. 7(2).

    (4)     The Governor in Council may—

        (a)     grant an exemption under subsection (1) for a specified period or indefinitely;

        (b)     vary or revoke an exemption at any time including an exemption granted for a specified period.

S. 8C
inserted by No. 47/2000 s. 9.

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