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Review to be conducted by expert panel

    (1)     The review of the 2018 amendments must be conducted by an expert panel comprised of 3 members appointed by the Minister.

    (2)     Before appointing the expert panel, the Minister must propose 3 members to the Electoral Matters Committee established under section 5 of the Parliamentary Committees Act 2003 , each of whom must have experience in one or more of the following areas—

        (a)     community advocacy and engagement;

        (b)     legal and regulatory compliance;

        (c)     contemporary issues relating to electoral funding.

    (3)     A proposed member must not be any of the following—

        (a)     a current employee of a public service body, a public entity or a special body (within the meaning of the Public Administration Act 2004 );

        (b)     a current employee or executive of a registered political party;

        (c)     the current Electoral Commissioner or an employee or other member of staff of the Commission;

        (d)     a current or former Member of the Parliament of Victoria.

    (4)     The Electoral Matters Committee may, within 30 days of receiving advice of 3 proposed members of the expert panel from the Minister, veto one or more of the proposed members.

    (5)     If the Electoral Matters Committee vetoes one or more of the proposed members, the Electoral Matters Committee must propose 2 alternative member for each vetoed proposed member, each of whom—

        (a)     must have experience in an area specified in paragraph (2)(a), (b) or (c); and

        (b)     must not be a person specified in subsection (3).

    (6)     If the Electoral Matters Committee proposes 2 alternative members for a vetoed proposed member, the Minister must appoint one of the alternative members instead of appointing the proposed vetoed member, unless the alternative member does not satisfy the requirements of subsection (5)(a) and (b), in which case the Minister must ask the Electoral Matters Committee to propose another member.

    (7)     In conducting the review, the expert panel may inform itself as it sees fit, having regard to appropriate privacy considerations relating to electronic assisted voting.

Subdivision 2—Register of Nominated Entities

S. 222E inserted by No. 30/2018 s. 45.

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