Victorian Current Acts

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    (1)     The objectives of this Act are—

        (a)     to encourage and facilitate exploration for minerals and foster the establishment and continuation of mining operations by providing for—

              (i)     an efficient and effective system for the granting of licences and other approvals; and

              (ii)     a process for co-ordinating applications for related approvals; and

              (iii)     an effective administrative structure for making decisions concerning the allocation of mineral resources for the benefit of the general public; and

              (iv)     an economically efficient system of royalties, rentals, fees and charges; and

        (b)     to establish a legal framework aimed at ensuring that—

S. 2(1)(b)(i) substituted by Nos 6/2009 s. 5(1)(a), 47/2015 s. 5(1).

              (i)     risks posed to the environment, to members of the public, or to land, property or infrastructure by work being done under a licence or extractive industry work authority are identified and are eliminated or minimised as far as reasonably practicable; and

              (ii)     consultation mechanisms are effective and appropriate access to information is provided; and

S. 2(1)(b)(iii) substituted by No. 6/2009 s. 5(1)(b).

              (iii)     land which has been mined or from which stone has been extracted or removed is rehabilitated; and

S. 2(1)(b)(iv) amended by No. 6/2009 s. 5(1)(c).

              (iv)     just compensation is paid for the use of private land for exploration or mining; and

              (v)     conditions in licences and approvals are enforced; and

S. 2(1)(b)(vi) amended by No. 86/1993 s. 4.

              (vi)     dispute resolution procedures are effective; and

S. 2(1)(b)(vii) inserted by No. 86/1993 s. 4, amended by Nos 82/2000 s. 3, 55/2010 s. 47, repealed by No. 47/2015 s. 5(2).

    *     *     *     *     *

S. 2(1)(c) inserted by No. 82/2000 s. 3, amended by No. 6/2009 s. 5(2).

        (c)     to recognise that the exploration for, and mining or extraction of, mineral resources and stone must be carried out in a way that is not inconsistent with the Native Title Act 1993 of the Commonwealth and the Land Titles Validation Act 1994 .

S. 2(2) repealed by No. 6/2009 s. 5(3).

    *     *     *     *     *

S. 2A inserted by No. 63/2006 s. 5.

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