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In this Part—

S. 404 def. of amount of bond inserted by No. 47/2012 s. 9(a), substituted by No. 45/2018 s. 278(3).

"amount of bond" includes a partial or full amount of a bond in relation to—

        (a)     an initial amount of bond paid by a renter at the commencement of a residential rental agreement; and

        (b)     subsequent amounts of bond paid by a renter in relation to modifications of the rented premises (if any); and

        (c)     additional amounts of bond required to be paid at agreed intervals under a residential rental agreement in the standard form for a fixed term of more than 5 years (if any);

"bond" in Divisions 3 and 4, includes an amount or the total of the amounts (if any) which are required to be added to the bond pursuant to section 439;

S. 404 def. of bond lodgment form inserted by No. 47/2012 s. 9(a), amended by No. 45/2018 s. 278(4).

"bond lodgment form" means a form completed and signed by a residential rental provider and renter in accordance with section 405 for the purposes of lodgment of an amount of bond;

S. 404 def. of bond substitution form inserted by No. 47/2012 s. 9(a), amended by No. 45/2018 s. 278(5).

"bond substitution form" means a form completed and signed by a renter in accordance with section 410B for the purposes of lodgment of a substitute bond under that section;

S. 404 def. of Director of Housing voucher inserted by No. 93/2003 s. 4, amended by Nos 67/2010 s. 61(a), 45/2018 s. 278(6), repealed by No. 40/2022 s. 60(33)(b).

    *     *     *     *     *

S. 404 def. of Homes Victoria voucher inserted by No. 40/2022 s. 60(33)(a).

"Homes Victoria voucher" means a voucher issued by Homes Victoria or an agent of Homes Victoria for payment of an amount of bond on behalf of a renter or site tenant;

S. 404 def. of landlord amended by Nos 67/2010 s. 61(b), 47/2012 s. 9(b), repealed by No. 45/2018 s. 278(2).

    *     *     *     *     *

"rent" includes hiring charge;

S. 404 def. of rented premises amended by No. 67/2010 s. 61(c).

"rented premises" includes room, site, caravan and Part 4A site;

S. 404 def. of renter inserted by No. 45/2018 s. 278(1).

"renter" includes—

        (a)     a resident; and

        (b)     a site tenant; and

        (c)     in Divisions 3 and 4, a former renter, a former resident and a former site tenant;

S. 404 def. of residential rental agreement inserted by No. 45/2018 s. 278(1).

"residential rental agreement" includes a residency right and a site agreement;

S. 404 def. of residential rental provider inserted by No. 45/2018 s. 278(1), amended by No. 40/2022 s. 17(4).

"residential rental provider" includes—

        (a)     a rooming house operator;

        (b)     a caravan park owner;

        (c)     a caravan owner;

        (d)     a site owner;

        (e)     in Divisions 3 and 4, a former residential rental provider, a former rooming house operator, a former caravan park owner, a former caravan owner and a former site owner;

        (f)     an agent of a residential rental provider or a person referred to in paragraphs (a) to (d).

S. 404 def. of tenancy agreement amended by No. 67/2010 s. 61(d), repealed by No. 45/2018 s. 278(2).

    *     *     *     *     *

S. 404 def. of tenant amended by No. 67/2010 s. 61(e)(f), repealed by No. 45/2018 s. 278(2).

    *     *     *     *     *

Division 2—Payment of bonds to Residential Tenancies Bond Authority

S. 405 (Heading) inserted by No. 47/2012 s. 10(1).

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