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In this Act unless inconsistent with the context or subject-matter—

"animal" includes every species of quadruped and every species of bird whether in a natural or domestic state;

"cattle" includes any horse mare gelding ass bull cow ox ram ewe wether pig goat and every hybrid or cross thereof and the young of any such animals;

S. 3 def. of designated place inserted by No. 43/2011 s. 47, substituted by No. 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 160.1(b)).

"designated place" has the same meaning as in the Victoria Police Act 2013 ;

S. 3 def. of information repealed by No. 57/1989 s. 3(Sch. item 190.1(a)).

    *     *     *     *     *

S. 3 def. of local authority amended by Nos 9019 s. 2(1)(Sch. item 214), 12/1989 s. 4(1)(Sch. 2 items
115.1–115.3), 57/1989 s. 3(Sch. item 190.1(b)).

"local authority" means—

        (a)     the council of any municipal district;

        (b)     any member of the staff of any such council authorized in writing by the council to exercise any of the powers and discretions conferred on a local authority by this Act; or

        (c)     in the case of any portion of Victoria that is not part of any municipal district—the nearest venue of the magistrates' court;

S. 3 def. of police officer inserted by No. 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 160.1(a)).

"police officer" has the same meaning as in the Victoria Police Act 2013 ;

S. 3 def. of protective services officer inserted by No. 43/2011 s. 47, substituted by No. 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 160.1(c)).

"protective services officer" has the same meaning as in the Victoria Police Act 2013 ;

S. 3 def. of public place amended by No. 9549 s. 2(1)(Sch. item 219), substituted by No. 97/1987 s. 181(14), amended by Nos 74/2000 s. 3(Sch. 1 item 121.2), 24/2006 s. 6.1.2(Sch. 7 item 39.1).

"public place" includes and applies to—

        (a)     any public highway road street bridge footway footpath court alley passage or thoroughfare notwithstanding that it may be formed on private property;

        (b)     any park garden reserve or other place of public recreation or resort;

        (c)     any railway station platform or carriage;

        (d)     any wharf pier or jetty;

        (e)     any passenger ship or boat plying for hire;

        (f)     any public vehicle plying for hire;

        (g)     any church or chapel open to the public or any other building where divine service is being publicly held;

        (h)     any Government school or the land or premises in connexion therewith;

              (i)     any public hall theatre or room while members of the public are in attendance at, or are assembling for or departing from, a public entertainment or meeting therein;

        (j)     any market;

        (k)     any auction room or mart or place while a sale by auction is there proceeding;

        (l)     any licensed premises or authorised premises within the meaning of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 ;

        (m)     any race-course cricket ground football ground or other such place while members of the public are present or are permitted to have access thereto whether with or without payment for admission;

        (n)     any place of public resort;

        (o)     any open place to which the public whether upon or without payment for admittance have or are permitted to have access; or

        (p)     any public place within the meaning of the words "public place" whether by virtue of this Act or otherwise;

"road" includes and applies to every road street or bridge;

S. 3 def. of Scheduled public place inserted by No. 44/1997
s. 53(1).

"Scheduled public place" means a public place described in Schedule 1;

"section" means section of this Act;

"town" means a populous area or place.

Part I—Provisions applicable throughout Victoria

Division 1—Public order

Offences Relating to the Good Order

No. 6337 s. 5.

S. 4
amended by No. 9554 s. 2(2)(Sch. 2 item 302).

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