Victorian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Short title, commencement and division  
   3.      Definitions  


           Division 1--Public order

   4.      Offences relating to the good order of towns etc.  
   5.      Obstruction of footpath etc.  

           Division 1A--Move-on powers

   6.      Direction to move on  

           Division 1B--Councils to consult with Victoria Police

   6A.     Consultation with Victoria Police before issuing permit to facilitate public protest  

           Division 2--General

   7.      Offences tending to personal injury or damage to property  
   8.      Offences relating to horse-drawn vehicles, public vehicles, animals etc.  
   9.      Wilful destruction, damage etc. of property  
   10.     Posting bills etc. and defacing property  
   11.     Lighting of fires in the open air  
   17.     Obscene, indecent, threatening language and behaviour etc. in public  
   17A.    Disorderly conduct  
   19.     Sexual exposure  
   20.     Improperly conducting refreshment house  
   21.     Disturbing religious worship  
   22.     Entry of police  
   23.     Common assault  
   24.     Aggravated assault  
   25.     Conviction or dismissal a bar to criminal proceedings  
   26.     Unexplained possession of personal property reasonably suspected to be stolen  
   27.     Search warrant for skins of cattle, goods from wreck etc.  
   28.     Recovery of possession of stolen cattle  
   29.     Recovery of price paid for stolen cattle  
   30.     Possession of skin or carcass of stolen cattle  
   31.     Possession of property from wrecks  
   32.     Offering property from wrecks for sale  
   33.     Examination of persons through whose hands property has passed  
   34.     Retaining or disposing of property as workmen etc.  
   37.     Obtaining goods etc. by valueless cheque  

           Division 3--Illegal taking or using of vehicles

   38.     Taking or using vehicle without consent of owner etc.  

           Division 3A--Commercial sexual services

   38A.    Definitions  
   38B.    Commercial sexual services at or near certain places  
   38C.    Offence to allow child on premises used for commercial sexual services  
   38D.    Power to require person to state age  

           Division 4--Advertising of commercial sexual services

   38E.    Definition  
   38F.    Advertising controls for commercial sexual services  
   39.     Advertising regulations  

           Division 4A--Observation of genital or anal region

   40.     Definitions  
   41.     Location immaterial  
   41A.    Observation of genital or anal region  
   41D.    Exceptions to offence against section 41A  
   41E.    Search warrant  
   41F.    Seizure of things not mentioned in the warrant  
   41G.    Announcement before entry  

           Division 4B--Food or drink spiking

   41H.    Food or drink spiking  

           Division 4C--Public display or performance of Nazi symbols or gestures

   41I.    Statement for this Division  
   41J.    Definitions  
   41K.    Public display or performance of Nazi symbols or gestures  
   41L.    Direction to remove Nazi symbol or Nazi gesture from public display  
   41M.    Issue of search warrant by magistrate  

           Division 5--Tattooing of juveniles

   42.     Tattooing of juveniles  

           Division 6--Body piercing

   43.     Definitions  
   43A.    Application  
   44.     Intimate body piercing of persons under 18  
   44A.    Non-intimate body piercing of persons under 16  

           Division 7--Homing pigeons

   45.     Definition  
   46.     Destruction of homing pigeons  
   47.     Compensation  
   48.     Entering in pursuit of homing pigeons  
   49.     Existing remedies preserved  

           Division 8--Other offences

   49A.    Begging or gathering alms  
   49B.    Loitering with intent to commit an indictable offence  
   49C.    Being disguised with unlawful intent  
   49D.    Possessing housebreaking implements  
   49E.    Escaping from lawful custody  


   50.     Prohibition of use of certain kinds of matches in specified localities in certain months  
   50A.    Trespass—land used for primary production  


   51.     Assaulting, etc. emergency workers, custodial officers, youth justice custodial workers or local authority staff on duty  
   51A.    Assaulting registered health practitioners  
   52.     Besetting premises  
   52A.    Offence to harass witnesses etc.  
   53.     Making false reports to police etc.  
   54.     Offence by body corporate  
   55.     Liability of masters  
   56.     Who may file charge-sheet  
   57.     Neglect to prosecute  
   59.     Procedure  
   60.     Offences of more serious nature not to be dealt with under this Act  
   60AA.   Power to serve infringement notice  
   60AB.   Infringement penalty  
   60A.    Forfeiture of weapons or instruments  
   61.     Proceeds of sale of forfeited property to be paid to Consolidated Fund  
   61A.    Regulations  
   62.      Transitional provisions  
   63.     Savings and validation provision—Summary Offences and Control of Weapons Acts Amendment Act 2009—lodgeable infringement offences  
   64.     Transitional provision—Children and Justice Legislation Amendment (Youth Justice Reform) Act 2017  
   65.     Transitional provision—Sex Work Decriminalisation Act 2022  
   66.     Transitional provision—Sex Work Decriminalisation Act 2022  
   67.     Transitional provision—Summary Offences Amendment (Nazi Salute Prohibition) Act 2023  
           SCHEDULE 1

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