Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Stopping in a bus lane, bus only lane, tram lane, tramway, transit lane, truck lane or on tram tracks

    (1)     A driver must not stop in a bus lane, transit lane or truck lane unless the driver

Rule 187(1)(a) substituted by S.R. No. 88/2018 rule 8(1).

        (a)     is driving—

              (i)     a commercial passenger vehicle while providing a commercial passenger vehicle service and is dropping off, or picking up, passengers; or

              (ii)     a public bus or public minibus and is dropping off, or picking up, passengers; and

        (b)     is permitted to drive in the lane under these Rules.

Penalty:     2 penalty units.

    (2)     A driver (except the driver of a tram, a tram recovery vehicle or a public bus) must not stop in a tram lane, a tramway or on tram tracks.

Penalty:     2 penalty units.

Rule 187(3) inserted by S.R. No. 121/2020 rule 25(2).

    (3)     A driver must not stop in a bus only lane unless the driver is driving a public bus and is dropping off, or picking up, passengers.

Penalty:     2 penalty units.


Note 1 to rule 187 amended by S.R. Nos 88/2018 rule 8(2),
121/2020 rule 25(3).

1     Bus lane is defined in rule 154, bus only lane is defined in rule 154A, tram lane is defined in  rule 155, tramway is defined in rule 155A, transit lane is defined in rule 156 and truck lane is defined in  rule 157. "Public bus", public minibus , tram and tram   tracks are defined in the dictionary. Commercial passenger vehicle and commercial passenger vehicle service are defined in the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 .

2     Rule 76 deals with drivers keeping clear of trams travelling in tram lanes or on tram tracks marked on the left side by a yellow line.

3     Part 11, Division 6 deals with driving in bus lanes, tram lanes, transit lanes and truck lanes.

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