Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Speed-limit where a speed-limit sign applies

    (1)     The speed-limit applying to a driver for a length of road to which a speed-limit sign applies is the number of kilometres per hour indicated by the number on the sign.


Length of road is defined in the dictionary.

    (2)     However, if the number on the speed-limit sign is over 100 the speed-limit applying to the driver for the length of road is 100 kilometres per hour if the driver is driving

        (a)     a bus with a GVM over 5 tonnes; or

        (b)     a prime mover with a GCM over 22 tonnes; or

        (c)     a vehicle other than a bus with a GVM over 12 tonnes.


1     "Bus", GCM , GVM and prime mover are defined in the Road Safety Act 1986 . Vehicle is defined in rule 15.

2     If the vehicle is a class O vehicle as defined by the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009, or a class 1 heavy vehicle, class 2 heavy vehicle or class 3 heavy vehicle as defined by the Heavy Vehicle National Law (Victoria), the vehicle may be restricted to a lower speed-limit by conditions imposed on a permit or notice applying to the vehicle.

    (3)     A speed-limit sign on a road applies to the length of road beginning at the sign and ending at the nearest of the following—

        (a)     a speed-limit sign on the road with a different number on the sign;

        (b)     an end speed-limit sign or a speed derestriction sign on the road;

        (c)     if the road ends at a T-intersection or dead end—the end of the road.


1     T-intersection is defined in the dictionary.

2     Rule 322(1) and (2) deal with the meaning of a traffic sign on a road.

Speed-limit signs

Speed-limit sign (Standard sign)

Speed-limit sign (Variable illuminated message sign)



Other signs

End speed-limit sign

Speed derestriction sign



Notes for diagrams

1     There are other permitted versions of the speed-limit sign —see the diagrams in Schedule 3.

2     A speed-limit sign or an end speed-limit sign may have a different number on the sign—see rule 316(4).

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