Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Making a left turn as indicated by a road marking

    (1)     If a driver is turning left at an intersection and there is a turn line indicating how the turn is required to be made, the driver must make the turn as indicated by the turn line unless—

        (a)     the driver is turning, at B lights or traffic arrows, in accordance with Division 2 of Part 17; or

        (b)     subrule (2) applies to the driver.

Penalty:     3 penalty units.


1     "B lights", intersection , traffic arrows and turn line are defined in the dictionary.

2     Division 2 of Part 17 provides for priority to be given to public buses at intersections with B lights or a white traffic arrow.


Making a left turn as indicated by road markings

251658240 17-41sr00513.jpg

    (2)     A driver may turn left at an intersection other than as indicated by a turn line if—

        (a)     the driver's vehicle, together with any load or projection, is 7·5 metres long, or longer; and

        (b)     the vehicle displays a do not overtake turning vehicle sign ; and

        (c)     it is not practicable for the driver to turn left as indicated by the turn line; and

        (d)     the driver can safely turn left other than as indicated by the turn line.


1     "Driver's vehicle" is defined in the dictionary.

2     "Vehicle" includes a combination—see rule 15(d).

Do not overtake turning vehicle signs



Note for diagrams

These signs are displayed on certain long vehicles.

Division 2—Right turns (except hook turns) at intersections

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