Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Exemption for road workers etc.

    (1)     A provision mentioned in subrule (2) does not apply to a person at the site of, and engaged in, roadworks if, in the circumstances—

        (a)     it is not practicable for the person to comply with the provision; and

        (b)     sufficient warning of the roadworks has been given to other road users.


Roadworks is defined in subrule (4).

    (2)     Subrule (1) applies to the following provisions—

    •     Division 1 (Left turns at intersections) and Division 2 (Right turns (except hook turns) at intersections) of Part 4 (Making turns);

    •     Part 7 (Giving way), except—

    –     rule 67 (Stopping and giving way at a stop sign or stop line at an intersection without traffic lights);

    –     rule 68 (Stopping and giving way at a stop sign or stop line at other places);

    –     rule 69 (Giving way at a give way sign or give way line at an intersection (except at a roundabout));

    –     rule 70 (Giving way at a give way sign at a bridge or length of narrow road);

    –     rule 71 (Giving way at a give way sign or give way line at other places);

    •     Part 8 (Traffic signs and road markings), except—

    –     rule 102 (Clearance and low clearance signs);

    –     rule 103 (Load limit signs);

    •     Part 11 (Keeping left, overtaking and other driving rules);

    •     Part 12 (Restrictions on stopping and parking);

    •     rule 224 (Using horns and similar warning devices);

    •     Part 14 (Rules for pedestrians), except rule 236(1) (which is about causing a traffic hazard by moving into the path of an approaching vehicle);

    •     rule 264 (Wearing of seatbelts by drivers);

    •     rule 265 (Wearing of seatbelts by passengers 16 years old, or older);

    •     rule 268 (How persons must travel in or on a motor vehicle);

    •     rule 288 (Driving on a path);

    •     rule 289 (Driving on a nature strip);

    •     rule 290 (Driving on a traffic island);

    •     rule 295 (Motor vehicle towing another vehicle with a towline);

    •     rule 296 (Driving a vehicle in reverse);

    •     rule 297(2) (which requires a driver to have a clear view of the surrounding road and traffic);

    •     rule 298 (Driving with a person in a trailer).

    (3)     Rule 20 (Obeying the speed-limit) does not apply to a driver

        (a)     driving a snow-clearing vehicle and engaged in snow‑clearing; or

Rule 310(3)(b) amended by S.R. No. 153/2019 rule 4(Sch.  1 item 21(a)).

        (b)     driving a motor vehicle and engaged in speed zoning tests authorised by the Head, Transport for Victoria.

    (4)     In this rule—

Rule 310(4) def. of roadworks amended by S.R. No. 153/2019 rule 4(Sch.  1 item 21(b)).

"roadworks" means—

        (a)     construction or maintenance of a road; or

        (b)     road cleaning; or

        (c)     installation or maintenance work above or below a road; or

        (d)     installation or maintenance of a traffic control device, traffic-related item or traffic monitoring device; or

        (e)     a traffic survey authorised by the Head, Transport for Victoria; or

        (f)     a road surface survey test.


Traffic control device and traffic-related item are defined in the dictionary.

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