Victorian Consolidated Regulations

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Ticket must be surrendered

Reg. 21(1) amended by S.R. No. 22/2019 reg. 12.

    (1)     Unless the ticket or purported ticket is a debit or credit card, a digital card or a software application, an authorised officer, a police officer or a protective services officer may request the holder of a ticket or a purported ticket to surrender the ticket or purported ticket to the officer if the officer believes on reasonable grounds that the ticket or purported ticket may be required as evidence or that its surrender is otherwise necessary for the enforcement of the Act or these Regulations.

    (2)     The holder of a ticket or a purported ticket must without delay comply with a request made under subregulation (1).

Penalty:     5 penalty units.

    (3)     An authorised officer, a police officer or a protective services officer to whom a ticket or a purported ticket is surrendered under subregulation (1) must, at the time of the surrender, give to the holder of the ticket or purported ticket a receipt for the ticket or purported ticket.

    (4)     A request must not be made under subregulation (1) for the surrender of a ticket unless a condition determined under section 220D of the Act specifies whether, if such a ticket is surrendered, the ticket will be replaced or a refund will be made, to the extent of the whole or part of any unused value remaining on the ticket at the time of surrender.

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